Mike Nolan and Scot McCloughan Hit Youtube

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Apparently they could no longer resist going public with some things:

Brokeback 49ers

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The 49ers held a press conference earlier this afternoon explaining the “changes” made after 2 days of meeting. I use the quotes because really, I’m trying to wonder what changes were made.

 -McCloughan was elevated to the GM position, but noted this his relationship and decision making process with Nolan would not change.

-Nolan claimed that is the voice of the organization and its face.

- Jim Hostler was fired.

At one point, McCloughan stopped short of declaring his man love to Nolan by saying that his and Nolan’s friendship is strong and will “last forever.”

So now that there aren’t any strong changes made after 3 years of losing, we can only get out our bag of popcorn and anticipate more of Nolan’s antics. He was wailing around and doing hand gestures during the entirety of the press conference almost as if he was Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday. It was a fairly funny scene in Santa Clara, but we wonder how long the humor will last in 2008.

Nolan to Stay, Stripped of Powers

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So according to several sources including Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports! the Yorks have decided to retain Mike Nolan as the the head coach of the 49ers, but have stripped him of his decision making powers.

Given the nature of this website, we are angry and disappointed at the decision the Yorks have made. It also makes no sense to us because the Yorks have basically stripped Nolan of his personnel powers yet somehow still believe tha the’s the answer at head coach. It’s a puzzling decision and there is word from Pro Football Talk.com and their sources that Nolan won’t last more than a year tops.

Regardless, the mission of this website is to exploit Nolan as a subpar coach and we will continue to see it through until he is gone. The 2008 season will be filled with more anti-Nolan sentiment and you can bet that there will be protests, walkouts, frustration, and anger to go around when, as we believe, Nolan fails yet again.

Nolan Meeting with York

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So word is that Mike Nolan is currently meeting with John and Jed York to discuss his future. We can only hope that the outcome of this meeting is a swift kick out of the door for Nolan and a suggestion that he pack up his things and clear his office. Hopefully, the Yorks do the right thing and fire Nolan by tonight.

Late Season Push Changes Nothing

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So the 49ers have won 2 games and could end the season on a high note. That’s all fine and we, as 49er fans, like to see the team succeed. But where was this for you know…the other 13 previous weeks?

As far as we’re concerned, whatever the team is doing now to have more success only proves how incompetent Nolan was from the get go. Why wasn’t Shaun Hill used sooner? Why weren’t horrible incumbents like Derek Smith phased out sooner? Why wasn’t an offensive consultant brought in when we actually had a chance to compete for the division?

Nolan doesn’t get a free pass because we won the past two games. More or less, it’s just a sad reflection of what could have been and hopefully what next year could be with a more effective coach who actually utilizes his players. Furthermore, while the Buccaneers win was nice, it was against a majority of the Bucs backups in an utterly meaningless game for Tampa Bay.

We’re not impressed.

2 Players Hope That Nolan Doesn’t Return

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Not sure how FireNolan.org missed this gem but it’s worth mentioning from Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle:

 ”What if the 49ers go to Cleveland on Sunday and pull off the season-ending trifecta, getting a win over a Browns team that blew a chance to clinch a wild-card berth Sunday by losing to the struggling Bengals?

What should happen to Nolan then?

“Do you think he’s coming back?” two defensive starters asked point-blank. The question was startling. For obvious reasons, they didn’t want their names used.

Told that Nolan appeared safe for a fourth season, both players reacted negatively hgh oral.

“This win shouldn’t gloss over anything,” one player said. “I really hope it doesn’t.”

Both players said they wanted a coaching change, citing numerous issues with Nolan they said have been setbacks for what they consider to be a strong defense: questionable personnel schemes, such as abandoning the base 3-4 scheme too often in favor of nickel and dime sub packages that left the edges and middle of the field exposed; favoritism that determines playing time; poor game and clock management; poor communication that extends beyond the Nolan-Alex Smith injury flap.”

 The full article can be checked out here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/12/24/SP3OU401I.DTL

If Nolan Returns in 2008…

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As Chris Mortensen reports, then FireNolan.org will only be louder and more proactive. That’s our New Year’s Resolution.

So Nolan…

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Care to explain why Shaun Hill was on the bench all of this time and Trent Dilfer, with abysmal performance after abysmal performance, kept getting the nod?

49ers Amongst Worst First Half Teams Ever

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Per Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat:

“The 49ers have been outscored by 148 points in the first half this season. It’s the worst scoring margin in the first half since . . . well, since the 49ers were outscored 261-113 last season.

The past two seasons the 49ers have ranked among the worst first-half teams in the NFL since the 1970 merger, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The 2000 Arizona Cardinals were outscored by 166 points (244-78). The worst first-half team since the merger was the 1990 Cleveland Browns, who were outscored by 200 points (289-89).”

 It shouldn’t be a surprise to fans who have endured the Nolan tenure thus far, but it is once again another strike against Mike Nolan. Bad first half performances are an indication that the team is not prepared for games from the onset. And that, once again, falls on coaching, which is headed by you know who.

More on the Nolan/Smith Fiasco

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Let’s clarify a few points of emphasis here on the Nolan/Smith situation from earlier this week:

1) We do not have any allegiance to Alex Smith. Most of us feel that he has been largely disappointing. If we could get a better quarterback then I’m sure most of us would go for that idea.

2) However, any player deserves their fair shot. Has Alex Smith had that shot? With 3 offensive coordinators, one of whom shouldn’t even be coaching in the NFL in any aspect whatsoever (Hostler) in 3 years, and a carousel of WR hopefuls (none of which have really panned out) the answer would be a no. And who deserves the blame for that? The man in charge of drafting Smith…Mike Nolan. When you stand there and declare this man as the face of your franchise, we assume that you have a plan and an ability to develop that player. But what has Mike Nolan done with Smith in the past 3 years? He has just delegated Alex Smith to an offensive coordinator, never really showing any substantial plan to develop Smith on Nolan’s terms in case you know…those offensive coordinators don’t pan out or leave all of a sudden (Which, by golly, happens in the NFL!)

3) However Smith handled himself or made himself out to be by going to the media, the fact still remains that there was/is a huge communication breakdown between Nolan and his star player. If Nolan did not know that Smith was legitimately hurt, then he has to be more inept than even we give him credit for because you can see through that regardless of medical clearances or what the player himself is going to say. Julian Peterson even commented that he could tell that Alex Smith shouldn’t be out there. And yet again, in another show of arrogance, Nolan simply said “Well if Julian was a doctor maybe I’d value his opinion.”

 HELLO, Alex IS a young player after all. The last thing he wants is to be perceived as “weak” so he will go out there and play until he realizes that he can’t. That’s what most NFL players do. And with news of Smith being undermined by Nolan, that notion that Smith must prove himself only grows. So we’re not surprised that Alex suggested he’s ready to go a week in advance. But a coach also needs to step in and make that assessment. And it’s fine to try it for one week, but Smith was playing hurt for a lot longer than that. With every week and every bad performance mounting, he probably did cave in and tell the truth — that he was hurt. But to undermine your player and make comments suggesting that he isn’t tough as a response to that isn’t something a coach should do, regardless.

4) Nobody is assuming that a coach cannot talk down to his player. There are moments where that happens and it is necessary to take the hard line. But alienating a player and undermining that player in snide ways is unacceptable and unprofessional. Period. Especially when that player hasn’t really done anything wrong except try to work his way back from an injury thus proving the whole notion of “Alex Smith is not tough” to be false. This is the quarterback who endured one of the worst offensive lines in 2005 and took a beating, with virtually no help on offense for 2 years, and still played.

5) Again, Nolan and Smith are attached at the hip. The fact that there is friction between the so called “New Genius” and his “Boy Wonder” further suggests that that rosey picture most 49er fans had envisioned when Nolan took over for the Donahue/Erickson debacle isn’t so nice anymore. Players usually go to the media and speak about locker room type issues when they don’t have other outlets within the locker room. Nobody really knows what is going down behind those walls in Santa Clara, but it isn’t good. And in light of all of the negativity against Nolan, it only seems reasonable that if Nolan managed to tick off his “face of the franchise” and was so incompetent that he could not realize that a player was legitimately hurt and just trying to force himself out there, then that further demonstrates why the man must be replaced.

And once again, we at FireNolan simply ask this question: If a player is hurt, how does the head coach not see that? It is the head coaches responsibility to talk to his players and get a feel for what they are and aren’t capable of. Yes, you can skirt medical reports in the NFL. You can shoot up players with pain injections and allow them to play. But if other players on the opposing field can sense that a player shouldn’t play then shouldn’t the head coach of his own team realize that “Well hey, this guy is woefully ineffective and wincing after every throw, maybe he’s too hurt to play?” Instead, after a few valiant but failed Alex Smith efforts, Nolan turned to the media and made suggestions that Derek Smith and other players are hurt and could play with injuries so Alex should too. Now Alex Smith is out for the year with season ending surgery…