Fire Mike Nolan!

First off, let us start out by saying that we are not just a compilation of tide-riding football fans spraying anger in one direction with no long-term vision in mind. Unlike Mike Nolan, we actually DO have a plan.

We aren’t merely trying to pin all of the team’s problems on Nolan and run him out of town on a rail for no reason other than to feel better about the sad state of the franchise. Rather than focusing solely on the removal of Nolan, we have carefully considered the long-term prospects of this football team. We have a replacement in mind; one with a proven track record.

The San Diego Chargers are finding out right now just how valuable Marty Schottenheimer is to an organization. An “old school coach,” Schottenheimer has won everywhere he’s been. He doesn’t put up with anything less. He doesn’t go to organizations and “clean house” to prove his point–he just gets the most out of each of his players and gets them to play winning football.

When you really take the time to analyze all of the nuances, Schottenheimer is the perfect fit for this team. Nolan began the process of converting this defensive unit into a 3-4 defense, and Schottenehimer has a background in that style. Over the years, he has preferred to emphasize ball control on offense–he will already be given an elite runner to do that with in Frank Gore. AND, last but not least, once the Dolphins finish the season 0-16, there is an excellent chance Cam Cameron will become available to rejoin Schottenheimer in San Francisco as offensive coordinator. Combine that with the fact that Manusky has worked under Schottenheimer before and it seems as though it’s FATE that Marty comes to San Francisco to restore the once proud franchise.

We would just like the Yorks and the others involved in the 49er management to know that we are promoting Nolan’s firing with the intent of a positive outcome.  We aren’t misguided fools in the mold of the “” website.

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  1. I support this completely. I was a firm believer in Mike Nolan but I have come to the truth to see that he is not the answer for the Niners. Thank you for your time in reading this.

  2. Nolan clearly needs to be gone

  3. forty9erfan86 Says:

    hear hear ! Nolan has had long enough to build a team to at least make the playoffs. Nolan is making our great 49er team worse and not better. He has no clue what he is doing. He starts players like Derek Smith and Kwame Harris but lets go of real football players. He takes forever to admit he is wrong and we the fans are the ones that suffer. He hired an OC that has no real experience on offense. He feeds us all crap and we eat it up. He hasnt delivered on any of his promises and I am tired of it. I am tired at looking at my 49ers lose…i want a change ! I want a coach who knows what he is doing and not just some guy who makes it sound like he knows. I want a coach who can get this sad excuse of an offense going. I want a coach who can get our defense going. I want a real coach. Bring marty over here ! Bring Cowher ! Bring the tuna ! WE NEED A CHANGE !

  4. It is time for us fans to speack out and support our idea of “firing Nolan” he has established himself as one of the worst coaches in the NFL and is dragging a proud tradition of football with him, that tradition is the San Francisco 49ers. We want Shottenheimer for HC!!!

  5. First of all i am i die hard 49er fan and when i heard of this site in support to frie Nolan i thought id say some words. Those words are “Not rollin with Nolan”.

  6. We should fire Nolan and bring in Marty =).

  7. jimmyflash2 Says:

    Mike Nolan has showed his incompetence time and time again. From starting lesser talented players he favors over player that can actually contribute to the team to being stubborn and too slow to make the che changes the team so obviously needs. He got everyone to believe in him by saying the right things(myself included). He was suppose to bring us back to the glory days, instead we are the laughing stock of the league. Its time for a change, its time to get back to the dominant franchise we once were.

  8. Sky Valley Says:

    I support the contentions of this site, and am definitely in favor of Nolan being shown the door. He is clearly ill-equipped for this job, and no amount of seasoning, infusion of talented players, or changes in upper management will correct this. I advocate the change be made ASAP so this team can start moving in a new and positive direction.

  9. Sons of Walsh Says:

    Thank you all for your support.

  10. Mike Nolan Says:

    This is Mike. I do suck and I apologize. Please boo me so I will get fire and collect the last 2 years of my contract.

  11. The main move for Niners should be to trade their 1st rounder in 08′ for Roy Williams (who wants out of Detroit), and lock him up to a long term deal.

  12. Fan from the future Says:

    I am the ghost of the 9er future I have come to the past to thank the “Sons of Walsh” for this site. The future I live in is truely bleek. Some how Nolan has convinced the Yorks that the problem lies with eveyone but him. we have been through; Jeff George as qb, 8 o.c’s, 5 d.c’s, 3 g.m.’s, 4 number one overall picks, and 2 winless seasons in a row! We even had to move to back to Keezar Stadium just so we could sell out our games!, and to make it even worse Nolan decided the gold rush girls distracted players on the field so he replaced their uniforms with full muslim garb, u can only see their eyes now! Nolan has also mandated that any fan heard booing or media member who questions his tactics are taken to hunters But point and dipped in toxic waste! Please keep up the good fight and destroy the Nolan era!

    Fan from the future

  13. Nolan is a horrible coach and we want Marty!!!!

  14. Dr. York, please understand that the above letter does not represent the majority of the 49er fan base who support Mike Nolan. Some of us do realize that it can take more than 3 years to rebuild a championship team from the ground up. And some of us also realize that growing pains are apart of this process, no matter who is at the helm at head coach. Thank you for understanding, Mr. York, and we will support you no matter what you do in regards to Mike Nolan because some of us realize that you’ve been doing this a lot longer than us fans.

  15. I love the idea guys, consider me a member. I must admit I never thought of M. Shottenheimer being a solid available coach to take over the mess currently going on in San Francisco. I also agree w/ what SeVeN has to say.

  16. First of all, I thank you for this site. I hope that we can spread the words about this site so that one of these days, the fellas at 4949 Centennial Blvd will see this site most especially the Yorks. As a season ticket holder for 21 years, I’ve shared the heartaches and joys with other fans but the hardest of all were the last 3 seasons under Nolan. I honestly believe that he is not capable of being at least a decent head coach. 3 years is way enough for this HC to turn things around. I also believe that he is a liar, stubborn and self-centered SOB. I’ve been with our team through thick and thin but enough is enough! Time to move on! Time for a BIG change this coming off-season!!

    It’s time to wake up Dr. York!! Time for you to hire a respectable, seasoned, proven and talented head coach. One who will not repeatedly lie to fans and press. One who will take us to promised land and get that 6th ring we’ve been longing for. It doesn’t matter who as long as this next coach will not be another Nolan or Ericsson. Fans are sick and tired of all the BS lies that Nolan is feeding us. For once Dr. York, be a man, be the head of your 49ers family, be the rightful owner of our once proud organization and make the right move. FIRE NOLAN!!!!!! FIRE HIM!!!!! FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!

  17. R8RH8R2003 Says:

    Fire him? sounds harsh and maybe needed. I was very excited when he started and had the goals and dreams. I worry when watching the games that he is a statue, he doesn’t move, he has no emotions. Us fans are home screaming at the TV, spilling our drinks and kicking the dog, well not kicking the dog but angry and the plays being called, the balls being dropped and the line being to solid for Gore because of the lacking of a quarterback and receivers that dont “make” the plays. I feel for them.. and if it takes someones head to roll.. so be it. I hope there is another way.. but something has to change.

  18. FUCK YOU GUYS!!!! U guys cannot blame Nolan for all the problems…Even if nolan fires Hostler who does he replace them with???Jim Fassell??(fired last season with the ravens for a 30th ranked offense that billick easily turned around)…Jerry Sullivan??(WR coach who’s only coordinated for one year in arizona)…or maybe Pete Hoener or George warhop who cant even get production out of studs such as V.D. …Larry Allen Joe staley and david baas???there are no reasonable options to replace Hostler at this point or any point this season… I believe that perhaps later on hiring the Bengals QB coach as our offensive coordinator will turn this around …just look at how carsons performing…. Second the one thing Nolan does Know(defence) we excell at…all the defensive players we have drafted have been good example: Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Daven Holly, Parys Haralson, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, Ronald Fields… The primary reason we have done bad is that the players aren’t pulling their end of the deal I.E. Darrell Jackson(pussy ass stone hands), Jonas Jennings(Mr.Glass) , Larry Allen(fat ass fuck cant even move), Ashley Lelie(poor routes), Derek Smith (cant even tackle), Brandon Moore(cant play an entire game cuz he tires out), Trent Dilfer(a fluke acting like he knows it all)…and oh yeah have u guys seen the way Marty Schotteinheimer fucks teams up…last year all he had was great co-ordiantors

  19. dudes, great site. i love what you’re trying to do here. as far as marty goes, he’s only won everywhere he’s been. he’s due to win the big one. why not with us? i like nolan (nice guy) but he aint taking this team to the next level. we need to “play to win” as opposed to “playing not to lose.”

  20. Samra is GAY Says:

    Hey samra, go fuck yourself and your whore mother, okay?! And also, while you’re fucking your whore mom, go suck Nolan’s cock and after that have him shove it up your ass. You want to disrespect people here then here’s to you palooka! Before you disrespect people here, look at yourself first you fucking moron! You don’t know shit so you fucking shut the hell up! Oh and by the way, DEFENSE is spelled as D.E.F.E.N.S.E not DEFENCE, you fucking brainless piece of shit. Don’t come here and act as if you know shit because you don’t.

  21. look here fucker this a blog who cares if my spelling is off im not a gay ass grade schooler where i got the spelling bee to worry bout…ultimately what im saying is that nolan’s paying the price for York’s cheapness who lett all the talent leave and now nolan’s left to rebuild every position… had we kept T.O. or Garcia at least he would have something to build off of…if we had garcia we could have drafted braylon edwards..if we had T.O. Alex smith would have had a legit target and Beleive me if we would have shown T.O. the money he would have stayed and shut his mouth while he was at it…and this fucker who aint got the balls to put his name up fuck off u dont have any legit arguement other than spelling….all you guys just jump on a bandwagon and the one your on right now is to fire Nolan…the reasonable thing to be saying to york in an open letter is to sell the team back to debartelo and if not hire ken zampeze(cin QB coach who’s done wonders with carson palmer) and get a solid WR who crosses over the middle and doesnt have stone hands

  22. Forty9erfan86 Says:

    hey guess what samra… that stone hand receiver was nolans idea…and we gave up a 4th rounder for it. You cant bring up garcia and TO into this argument because nolan had nothing to with that. HE said he could build a team that would be competitive and he has not done that. HE brought in jonas jennings and look how that has worked out. Larry allen had one good year and now it looks like his age has finally caught up to him…way to go nolan. Instead of playing players that should be out on the field he starts jennings, D. Smith, jackson and larry allen because they are veterans…play the player who deserves to be out there not the player who plays like crap but is starting only because has played in the league for a few more years. Thats bullshit…nolan wont admit that all of our problems are because of him…If we brought in marty i guarantee you he would make our team a playoff team in one year…if we give nolan another year we will be avg at best. We play the NFC and AFC east next year…thats not going to be easy going against the nfc east. When you have had 3 years to build a team and you cant even put YOUR team into the playoffs in the weakest division in the NFL then maybe this job isnt cut out for you. He is hard headed and wont admit his mistakes. Im done “staying the course”

  23. jimmyflash2 Says:

    Nolan has shown he’s pretty good bringing in talent(although it could be Scotty M. and not Nolan). But he’s terrible at game planning and management. He starts the wrong players then waits too late into the season to start putting in players that can help, like B. Moore. Baas. and Lelie. He plays favorites. When Manny went down for the year instead of bringing in another LB like R. Green who was probably our best pass rusher last year, he brings in Zack Keasy a FB that he had a hard on for. Ya smart move Nolan. He finally brings back Green and in what two games he already has more sacks then Tully Bag-O-Shit. He make terrible decision during the game. He wastes time outs, he goes for it on fourth down when we shouldn’t and then doesn’t when we should. He kicks a field goal down by 7 instead of going for it on 4th with less than 2 mins left. What kind of fucking dumb shit call is that?! You still have to try and get the ball back and score a td anyways but with worse field position and less time, fucking brilliant. What probably bugs fans the most is the bs that comes out his mouth at the end of games. He doesn’t admit when shit hits the fan, he backs the OC and play calling even though we all know its crap. Nolan is a good guy and all but he will not take this team far. We need to fire him at the end of year.

  24. hey Forty9erfan86 nolan did not bring in DJax that was scott McCloughn…the same guy who drafted him and the same guy who said our offensive line was the best he’s ever seen…the same line that may have ended alex smith’s career with shitty protection…and about garcia and T.O. im putting that on York the true asswhole who needs to be fired…what i was getting at is that Nolan walked into a team with zero talent at QB we had rattay, at WR we had raushan woods, brandon lloyd, and arnaz, on the line our “stars” were Eric Heitman and Kwame fuckup harris, on defense we had talent with J.P. and andre Carter but york was too cheap too keep them and mind you nolan wanted to keep them…other “stars” nolan inherited were Ahmed plummer, mike rumph, derek smith, Anthony adams and the dumb fuck we traded for T.O. … all fuckups

  25. jimmyflash2 Says:

    Samra your only argument is the talent level Nolan inherited when he first got here. He’s had time to build a team, and being active GM he had to approve all player personal. I actually believe he did a decent job of bringing in talent. But what about the constant stupid he makes week in and week out? Are you that much of a homer you can’t see the mistakes he makes in the game planning, the starting line up, and game management? A more talented coach would have this team in the playoffs. Nolan has us 3 plays away from being winless. Think about it, if the Rams and Cardinals make those field goals we lose. If Nolan doesn’t finally let Smith air it out on the last drive in week 1 we lose. We got lucky with all 3 of our wins, we did not deserve to win them the way we played. So would you still be backing Nolan if we were 0-11 right now?

  26. barring bill billicheck becoming a FA coach yes….what other proven choices do we have to replace him… Marty Schotteinheimer?(his winning definetly came from having two great/decent co-ordintors)…Brian Billick? Mike Martz? Dennis Green? im not saying nolan is perfect but the way he’s building this team id give him another year and watch this time next year with Ken Zampeze(nolan’s original choice to replace Turner) calling the offense, Darrel Jackson standing Behind Antonio Bryant in the unemployment line, tully banta cain on the bench, and derek smith retired, and limas Sweed or james hardy (both Wr’s from texas and indiana respectively) as our 1st round draft pick we’ll be everything we expected to be this season

  27. forty9erfan86 Says:

    samra you are too funny…you say nolan didnt bring in DJ, yet you forget nolan is the main man in SF. He makes all the final decisions. Nolan can bring in whoever he wants and he will not have success in this league. HE has proved it the last 3 years with his free agent signings. Give him the patriots offense and he will make them mediocre. Give him the steelers defense and he will make them avg. You’re in love with a team that is worse then the erickson era…i believe nolan has won….lets see 4 wins his 1st year…7 wins last year and so far this year he has only 3 wins. Thats 14 wins in 3 years…get off your knees and stop sucking on this guys cock. HE has had enough time to build his team…what has he done in the NFL that makes you believe in him ? Is it the bullshit he sells you after every loss…is it the “stay the course” that makes you believe or maybe ” we just need to execute better”…i guess if a guy sounds like he wants to win and looks like he wants to win he must be a good coach. Sorry but that just does’nt fly with me. Nolan has to prove it on the field that he can win. I believe we have a good core of guys on this team to at least make the playoffs especially in the weak nfc west…but not with nolan around. His gameplanning sucks. Have you not watched any games this year ? if you havent caught one then that might be why you dont see what the rest of us see. He looks lost out there…he gets out coached every week. We SHOULD have 0 wins….but we got lucky. Dont try to argue that either…you will look like a fool. Even if nolan got Zampese we are still going to be horrible. We were horrible with turner around…except we had 7 wins. Look at the offense last year and we were ranked at the bottom…look at the defense last year and we were horrible…bringing in a new OC wont make a diffrence with nolan around. Nolans specialty is defense…yet we have been horrible every year in that area with him as our HC.

    oh and by the way theres lots of coaches out there that we can talk to besides billick, martz and green.

  28. Nolan must go—until that happens, we’ll be mired in incompetance and ineptness.

  29. whatever…all you bandwagoners will eat your words…beleive me nolan is not the problem…before it was that marriucci was the problem then it was erickson who was running who runs a spread offense however had to run Marriucci’s west coast offensive staff…just like last year when nick saban forced Mike Mularkey to run scott linehan’s offense…im not saying that erickson was a good coach but the truth is that we never give our coaches what they need to succeed and that’ll be the case untill the york’s sell this team… all we can do is blame one coach after another and keep this neverending cycle of rebuilding going because beleive it or not the yorks will keep letting our studs such as patrick willis walk just as they did to Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, Jeff Garcia, Julian Peterson and so many more…

  30. and forty9erfan86 you say that nolan’s bullshitting us when he says that we just need to execute better…well that cant be better said …look at the cardinals game every one did what they were supposed to and hell Battle even had decent YAC and even though we got extremely extremely lucky in winning that game we won…now imagine if everyone had executed better with the same production against the ravens, falcons, rams, and the steelers game… we would have won because even though we played sloppy so did the other team in those games…we’d be sitting at 7-6its up to the players to run their assignments

  31. Does anyone think Dilfer is/was the best choice for backup QB/mentor for Alex Smith? Who was responsible for bringing Dilfer in? Who was responsible for leaving him in all those games? How much worse could Shaun Hill have been? Is Dilfer going to get better, and be there for us next year? Of course not! Could Hill get better, and be more valuable next year? Of course! Now tell me again why Dilfer started those games. I’m waiting.

  32. i think we should sign pennington from the jets once they release him to backup smith….there’s a good chance smith wont be ready for the season opener if he opts for surgery

  33. forty9erfan86 Says:

    look samra…i for one was one of the ones that didnt like where this team was headed since week one…i thought it was great that we won in week 1 and i hoped that we could get better on offense so we could actually win games by having a offense that can put #’s up on the scoreboard…but i knew it wasnt going to happen. Nolan coaches not to lose and that just shows you right there how much of a pussy he is. Im not giving up on alex smith yet, but if he does become a bust then thats another thing i can throw at nolans face. I dont want to win because we got lucky on a field goal kick or we got lucky that a penalty went our way…but thats how this team is. It sucks….we have yet to win a game where we were in charge from start to finish with nolan around. It always seems like we get lucky wins…especially this year. I dont know what else to say to you…i mean nolans track record speaks for itself….im not a fan of york but i dont hate him either. I think we should bring in a “football guy” to SF but york has little to do with whats going on in the nolan era besides hiring the man and giving him control. I thought what york did at the time was great because nolan made you believe in him…he made it seem like he knew how fix EVERYTHING, but he fooled us all… Nolan is the voice in SF and he thought he could handle being the top guy…obviously he cant. I like your idea of the bengals QB coach as our OC, but if nolan sticks around another year, which he probably will, it wont make a diffrence. The team is good enough to win…the coaching is what is holding this team back.

    fuck the nolan era.

  34. forty9erfan86 Says:

    OhhJim is right on

    dilfer was the wrong choice from the beginning. We need a backup QB that can come in and win games for us…not turn the ball over 6 times a game. Dilfer was horrible in baltimore and i really dont know why you would want a QB like dilfer as your back up. Sure he has a ring but he didnt win it…the defense won it. Dilfer should be a third stringer. We should just sign a new kid in the draft this year and let him learn from the sidelines. He can compete with smith and hopefully smith can step up his game knowing we have a new young kid behind him instead of Dilfer.

    I really hope the browns trade anderson(dount they will)…i would love to have him in SF.

  35. we need to fire nolan smith needs to go

  36. I just need to make one comment regarding Schottenheimer. The Chargers just found out that he wasn’t that valuable. They didn’t win a postseason game during his five year tenure, yet they’ve already won one under Norval Turner. Marty’s an old relic who can’t win in the playoffs. He’s not the answer. Now that the Niners have hired Martz as the OC, he’ll probably become the HC if the Niners suck next season.

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