Just Give Him a Decent Offensive Coordinator?

One of the arguments for Nolan staying is that he lost Norv Turner and with a better offensive coordinator we’d be just fine. But is that really the case?

 The 49ers have had Mike McCarthy, a 10-2 head coach with the Green Bay Packers currently, and Norv Turner as offensive coordinator. Although Jim Hostler has proven to be fairly incompetent in regards to the offense, even those bigger name coordinators have not had success here in terms of the offense. Turner’s offense, while having structure and identity, still ranked around 26th in the NFL last season.

Not to mention that a good coach should not be so dependant upon his coordinators that the team becomes non-functional without that coordinator. A head coach needs to see that and take care of it. So that whole “get him a good OC” argument has its problems. As it is, good coordinators come and go. If we were able to obtain one there is absolutely no guarantee that the coordinator stays for the long term should a head coaching job manifest itself. So every year we’re under the wings of our coordinators. What kind of head coach runs things that way?

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  1. Justin Rushing Says:

    At the begining of the year I was high on Mike Nolan but as the season has gone on I think that Mike Nolan has destroyed a once proud organization. He looks to be lost out on the feild. He has no emotion or fire to inspire anyone. Not to mention the moves that he has made (Jackson, TBC, Lelie, and most importantly HOSTLER).

    Jim Hostler should have never been on this coaching staff at any position. I mean honestly the guy was placed in charge of coaching Alex Smith (before OC) but the problem is that how do you teach a young player the right throwing mechanics, and technuiqe when you yourself never played the position? How much insight can he provide? To make matters worse you promote hime to OC? This bum has never called plays at any level (pop warner, high school, college) and Nolan hands him the reins of the whole offence.

    I am a 28 year old die hard Niner fan who is for the first time embaressed to watch them play. Sometimes I wonder if the Hostler is joking with his play calling. His philosophy has set this team back to the point where the light at the end of the tunnel is non existant. I am so fet up with the Organization for letting this go on that I am sick to my stomach.

    Losing in Niner colors must be in the Nolan gene pool. I mean the only two coaches in Niner history to have 3 consecutive losing seasons are the father son combo of Dick and Mike Nolan. I don’t think I can take another year of Nolan and his politics.

    Nolan please show some repect for this organization and for the great game of football and walk away at season’s end. You have done enough damage, go find a corporate job some where so you can wear your suit everyday and leave football to the guys who know whats going on!!!!

  2. Only a fool would hire an inexperienced QB coach to the role of OC. Nolan is hurting the team that it is at the point of losing many fans. Bring Marty Shottenheimer and fire Hostler for his troubles. Marty is the key and if we ever want to step on playoff turf again, we need Marty not Nolan. York your wife hates him si fire him!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ninerscluebat Says:

    Thank you. Exactly. Enough said. Fire Nolan!!!!!

  4. Khannie112 Says:

    Khanh is no longer rollin’ with Nolan…………oh yeah, fire Hostler while you’re at it!!

  5. FUCK YOU GUYS!!!! U guys cannot blame Nolan for all the problems…Even if nolan fires Hostler who does he replace them with???Jim Fassell??(fired last season with the ravens for a 30th ranked offense that billick easily turned around)…Jerry Sullivan??(WR coach who’s only coordinated for one year in arizona)…or maybe Pete Hoener or George warhop who cant even get production out of studs such as V.D. …Larry Allen Joe staley and david baas???there are no reasonable options to replace Hostler at this point or any point this season… I believe that perhaps later on hiring the Bengals QB coach as our offensive coordinator will turn this around …just look at how carsons performing…. Second the one thing Nolan does Know(defence) we excell at…all the defensive players we have drafted have been good example: Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Daven Holly, Parys Haralson, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, Ronald Fields… The primary reason we have done bad is that the players aren’t pulling their end of the deal I.E. Darrell Jackson(pussy ass stone hands), Jonas Jennings(Mr.Glass) , Larry Allen(fat ass fuck cant even move), Ashley Lelie(poor routes), Derek Smith (cant even tackle), Brandon Moore(cant play an entire game cuz he tires out), Trent Dilfer(a fluke acting like he knows it all)

  6. Who hired Hostler? For that matter, who hired Billy Davis as DCoor two years ago? Nolan. Why did he hire these guys? Because he is a control freak and these guys are merely doing what Nolan himself wants to do. Stop blaming these poor guys who Nolan sets up as straw men. The Niners play tight-assed “offense” because Nolan wants it that way. Fire Nolan.

  7. Nolan has destroyed this team with his keeping of sucky players like Derek Smith, Maurice Hicks, Trent Dilfer, even Bryant Young I like BY but it seems only playing the rams gets him going anymore. How many times is Dilfer going to get a start? How bad is Hill? I would rather see that Drew Olson kid instead of Dilfer it is very dark and cold in Ninerland these days. Im even thinking of going shopping on Sunday instead of watching these idiots. Ive never felt this way before about them I used to get excited before games now I dont.


  8. pass_attack Says:

    Why do you think Norv left 49ers and went to the Chargers–no it is not because he will be the head coach but because he knew he has no future with Nolan as the head coach over him. Just remembered last year at the Ram game, we were 4 and 1cm and Nolan asked to kick a field goal. That decision shown the world he had no confidence in his offense even with Norv the established offensive coordinator and Nolan’s previous boss at Redskin. Fired Nolan if the Yorks want to build a sucessful franchise and a new statiudm.

  9. I very much agree with “a good coach should not be so dependant upon his coordinators that the team becomes non-functional without that coordinator.”

    There is a difference between being a hands off boss and letting your OC do there job unintereupted and not being aware of what your OC does that you are clueless without him.

  10. I’m just as tired of my 9ers losing as the next fan…but I think Nolan deserves some slack. I am by no means a Nolan apologist, but look at what has happened during his tenure that was completely beyond his control.

    -The OC problem:

    McCarthy left after one season, and it wasn’t as if he was exactly tearing it up while he was here. Give a dam what his record is this season, if Hostler had Favre, Driver & company he’d look a lot better too.

    Norv leaving after one season. Nolan went and got him a raise, the players openly campaigned for him to stay and he STILL left. You can’t say he didn’t try here.

    Hostler…it’s not like Nolan had many options after Norv left so late in the offseason. He asked, and was denied permission to interview Ken Zampese. As anyone in his position would do, he made (what he thought to be) the best decision at the time…and hired Hostler.

    Now what IS Nolan’s fault:

    -The short comings of our D. Billy Davis had no effin’ clue. Manusky is servicable, but we still lack talent along the D line. To not have any sort of a pass rush in his 3rd year as coach is COMLETELY unacceptable.

    The fact that he’s supposed to be a “defensive minded” coach makes this look even worse.

    Nolan’s in-game management. Again, too many failings here to mention. He seems nothing short of clueless as to when timeouts are to be called, and when it’s necessary to try for it on 4th. He lacks that “killer instinct” and the team reflects that.

    …All in all, considering all that has happened this year…Smith’s injury, his father passing, Manusky’s father passing….I think he deserves at least one more year.

    If we don’t show improvement after next season, then yea, get rid of him.

  11. nomadictweeker Says:

    Trash belongs in the garbage. Nolan, Smith, Hostler, York, all garbage. It’s time to clean house yo!!

  12. Samra,

    This is essentially a repeat post, but I have decided to attack the “Nolan (not Niner) Fans”, who simply do not belong on this site (I suspect Nolan’s family and friends).

    A true fan is loyal to the team, first, last, and always, and not a coach or player. Essentially, you are welcome to call yourself a Nolan fan, but certainly not a “true” Niner fan (one does not necessarily equate to the other). Let’s look at it another way and imagine for a moment that the Niners traded Patrick Willis. Now, would all those fans that suddenly jump off the proverbial “bandwagon” be true fans? Absolutely not, a true fan calls for any action which will improve the clubs ability to have success on the field. Nolan has proven incapable of having any type of consistent success on the field. That is not something which can be argued, covered-up or manipulated by you or any other “Nolan (not Niner) Fan”. The coach we currently have shows no signs of being able to transform this team into a winner. He is a sloppy egoist and far too prone to making bad decisions during critical junctures of a game.

    Just like the war in Iraq, it is our job to support the soldiers in the field, not the dumb*** who put them there.

  13. I think if we had a better OC we would be better off… Just check the facts.. Better offense means your D isnt on the field as long.. Niners D would be greatly improved if they played 10 mins or 25 snaps less a game.. would we be better off with a better OC FUCK YESS!!!!.. would we be a winning team No one knows for the simple fact said by “Da Niners” Nolan makes bad chioces in latter parts of games in the cruical times when it counts most… I saw fire him and if you dont.. Strip his GM title make Scott MC our Gm. Hire a new OC (marty ball anyone) and if Nolan fails a 4rth year promote The oc aka Marty schottinhiemer.. and for the Smith, Not sold on him nor am I giving up.. Still the youngest starting QB younger than cutler, young, and even trent edwads(who came out this past draft).. So take a security measure draft colt brennan or chase daniels which ever one is still there in the second round… make sure next training camp you dont name a starter.. make smith or who ever we draft earn it.. give everyone a fair shot… Competition makes everyone better and Smith hasnt had that yet… if you check the talent on this team we are not far away even tho everyone says we are.. the pack are farless talented.. our D is one or 2 players away from being top 10, we need a DT and replacment for BY and one more Inside LB away.. DS is pretty old with bad eyes now… Offense we are a few Jennings is a free agent bust, allen is past his prime, we need a new left side of the Oline.. we need a dynomo at WR or at least a threat at the 3rd wr.. white guy at slot reciever anyone.. check the teams with a white guy at WR at the slot tell me how good they are.. and the most important one is OC,, find one that can utilize the talent on this team.. VD should not block 60% of the time.. having VD go on short outs or flat routes are good for PA inside the 5 yard line but not when your trying to get big chunks of yards… get an OC that knows Smith isnt a 7 step drop back qb.. lets see some PA bootlegs.. quick read shotguns.. Our WR are bad… jackson quick with slick hands (literally) but he can still be dangerous.. battler touch and sure hands.. lelie dangerous downfield if you can get him one on one.. the rookie hill has size speed and has the ability to break tackles get him in the game.. and VD probably the most under used dominant TE in the league.. if jason witten with no spend and decent size can be dominant why not VD.. if Gates with size and breaking tackle ability can be super dominant.. and what happens if you get both in one TE you have VD but the difference.. better QBs debatable.. but it comes down to scheme and system.. and the fact they arent in to block 60% of the time.. they actually run routes… im blabbing now bye


  15. Jacob, you’re an idiot who can’t spell, and you know nothing about football. The Niners’ defense is far from great, douchebag.

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