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  1. Firing Nolan is one probably the worst possible move to make. He is not to blame for the team’s dissapointing loss as much as it is others. In fact, Nolan’s presence can/will facilitate a winning team in the NFL, and it will be this 49er team. Head Coach needs things going on around him just like others players need the cooperation and assitance of their teammates on every down. What Nolan doesn’t have is an offensive scheme that can keep a defense off-balance, based on our execution. Our Qb play since Nolan has been here has always resulted in a very low ceiling for what the offense could try and do. Nolan doesn’t have crafty veterans who have earned there stripes in the playoffs and seen it all, he has a team who’s heart is young. In this case, stupid too. But there is time to right it, in these next 4 weeks, like Nolan has said, and next season. Which he will spend in San Francisco, still wearing the suit. Because what Nolan does have is an excellent partnership with the FO, which makes for a team that has excelled in the past years drafts. He has brought in players who buy into a team attitude, a very healthy and efficient personality where players get better. No player in the locker room after a loss will tell you they truly think a change at the top is the difference. The 49ers are a close team, which will bring winning. We should be lucky we havent had our locker room turn into he average one, with players concerned with nothing but money and fantasy league value. Nolan did well in bringing several impact players, with a great deal of them nearly elite players at their position. Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson are all players who have made a big name early. Players like Davis and Staley, look like the will be worth there draft status soon enough. The FO did a great job in Free Agency getting Nate Clemetns and Michael Lewis, shoring up the big problems areas by turning them into strengths. I truly beleive this is on the offense, and those closer to the field are responsible.

  2. FUCK YOU GUYS!!!! U guys cannot blame Nolan for all the problems…Even if nolan fires Hostler who does he replace them with???Jim Fassell??(fired last season with the ravens for a 30th ranked offense that billick easily turned around)…Jerry Sullivan??(WR coach who’s only coordinated for one year in arizona)…or maybe Pete Hoener or George warhop who cant even get production out of studs such as V.D. …Larry Allen Joe staley and david baas???there are no reasonable options to replace Hostler at this point or any point this season… I believe that perhaps later on hiring the Bengals QB coach as our offensive coordinator will turn this around …just look at how carsons performing…. Second the one thing Nolan does Know(defence) we excell at…all the defensive players we have drafted have been good example: Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Daven Holly, Parys Haralson, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, Ronald Fields… The primary reason we have done bad is that the players aren’t pulling their end of the deal I.E. Darrell Jackson(pussy ass stone hands), Jonas Jennings(Mr.Glass) , Larry Allen(fat ass fuck cant even move), Ashley Lelie(poor routes), Derek Smith (cant even tackle), Brandon Moore(cant play an entire game cuz he tires out), Trent Dilfer(a fluke acting like he knows it all)

  3. Wow, the people that are backing up Nolan right now seem pretty deluded. He’s a good guy and all, but we’re living in Oz if we think, given the evidence laid out over the past three seasons, that he has the potential to be a great Superbowl winning coach. I think Will has it right. Nolan seems to have the FO wrapped around his finger, so we may very well see another season of him, and I sincerely hope he proves me wrong because it reallysucks to pay 200 bucks to direct tv each year for yet another losing season. But the Yorks will eventually tire of hisl talk, no results style. We can only blame the players for so many games. Nolan has been responsible for putting those players there. He can’t e.pect every player to deliver like Patrick Willis. Part of a coach’s job is to take measures to make players better with discipline. One thing I like about Nolan is that he does not pass the blame. I’m sure this is a hard time for him, because he’s learning he has alot to learn to be a head coach.
    Remember Belichick. 36-44 as coach of the Cleveland Browns and the Browns werent that bad when he inherited them. Spent some more time with Parcells, and gave it another go.
    So come on, as so many owners love to say in January, ‘It’s time we both go our separate ways.’ I’m tired of watching losing seasons, and Nolan has put better people on the roster than he was given, so perhaps a better coach could do something with them. Jackson and Lelie can catch. Gore can run. Our line can block, but for whatever reason, Nolan can’t figure out why they’re not doing it right now. I just dont want to have to wait till Nolan’s son is coaching to see our next winning season. I believe these players can produce if we can figure out some of the quagmires before us. I dont know why they’re not. The problem is, neither does Nolan.

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