Open Letter to York

Sir, this organization has reached a critical cross road under your watch. We’ve seen you bumble through the release of Mooch and it’s also been reported in the press by some that you pretty much ran off Bill Walsh and lots of that tight knit team family that were part of the storied tradition that the fans rightfully want restored here. Still, we were encouraged when you seemed to take careful, methodical steps in hiring Mike Nolan and finally get the new stadium issue back on track - though the years keep passing and the ground’s still not breaking on that one just yet.

Now it will take some bold moves on your part to right this ship. Are you up for it? Can you meet the challenge? To begin, please come out from hiding behind your wife’s skirts and tell us what you have planned to restore the 49ers to greatness. We’ve already heard her say this is unacceptable and perhaps a GM needs to be brought in during the off season. Fair enough and perhaps a good first step that should have already been done. But what can you personally tell us? Why have we not heard from you? We need you now. Being absentee is not an option. Staying the course is not the solution. There are still many fans that feel it will never be right as long as you continue to own the team. You need to show them and all that have come along to support you that you have what it takes.

Merely expressing outrage, scapegoating a few assistant coaches and bringing in a GM to help out Nolan can be compared to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We need more than that now. We need lifeboats. We need a new direction. When you look at the overwhelming amount of teams in the history of the NFL with head coaches that have turned their teams around in three seasons (or less sometimes), you have to conclude that the Nolan regime, unfortunately for us all, has been a complete bust. What we need now is the equivalent of a Marty Schottenheimer if not Marty himself. The time has come for experience and savy and direction and purposeful energy that moves the team back in the right direction. Can you bring it Dr York? We will be watching. Don’t let us down.

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  1. Why aren’t the press asking York to speak up on the sorry state of the team? He hid out pretty well from them when he canned Mariucchi. Time to show your face John! Tell us what you’ve got planned to put some wins on the board, which is the only basis of judging success.

  2. R8RH8R2003 Says:

    I would like to say I pretty much agree with what has been said. We need someone to step up and say.. enough is enough! We get a gleem of hope and then it crashes down faster then anything. We need some direction, some talented eyes. We need it fixed and in a hurry. I feel so badly for the players (most of them anyway). Gore.. what talent!! We owe him the world right now.. Young.. wow what can I say.. your the MAN! I believed very deeply in Smith but am losing hope and faith. He did great before the injury and maybe its just that, maybe the pain is to great. I dread the thoughts that he wont be the same young man, young quarter back we counted on and need. Please help, please do something for the fans and most of all.. for the team!!

  3. FUCK YOU GUYS!!!! U guys cannot blame Nolan for all the problems…Even if nolan fires Hostler who does he replace them with???Jim Fassell??(fired last season with the ravens for a 30th ranked offense that billick easily turned around)…Jerry Sullivan??(WR coach who’s only coordinated for one year in arizona)…or maybe Pete Hoener or George warhop who cant even get production out of studs such as V.D. …Larry Allen Joe staley and david baas???there are no reasonable options to replace Hostler at this point or any point this season… I believe that perhaps later on hiring the Bengals QB coach as our offensive coordinator will turn this around …just look at how carsons performing…. Second the one thing Nolan does Know(defence) we excell at…all the defensive players we have drafted have been good example: Patrick Willis, Manny Lawson, Daven Holly, Parys Haralson, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, Ronald Fields… The primary reason we have done bad is that the players aren’t pulling their end of the deal I.E. Darrell Jackson(pussy ass stone hands), Jonas Jennings(Mr.Glass) , Larry Allen(fat ass fuck cant even move), Ashley Lelie(poor routes), Derek Smith (cant even tackle), Brandon Moore(cant play an entire game cuz he tires out), Trent Dilfer(a fluke acting like he knows it all)

  4. Samra how can you say this is not Nolan’s fault? Who signed JJ, Ashley Lelie, Larry Allen, Derek Smith, and Brandon Moore? Who traded for D-Jax? Who hired all of the coaches you named as unproductive and awful? I believe that was all done by your buddy Mike Nolan. Why should he not be held responsible for all of these trades signings and hirings? And what is our defense excelling at beside being the worst pass rushing 3-4 defense in history? Seriously our defense is much improved but to say it is excelling is a vast over statement. We have a good foundation and now we need a coach who can actually do something with that talent. Everyone needs to stop praising this man like he has ever accomplished anything in this league. The truth is he was a average cooridnator at best and he is a bad head coach at best. Lets get rid of this bum before we watch another year of Frank Gores young career go by the wayside. Don’t be a blind follower and hold people accountable for their actions.

  5. Forty9erfan86 Says:

    samra is a moron…he commented on every article saying the same crap. That guy is a douchebag. Dont come on here and defend nolan and then leave when people disagree with you.

  6. who said i left i got other things to do rather than blog all day… true nolan signed all these people but what other options where there the ultimate fault is john York for letting the talent on the roster leave i.e. Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens, J.P. (his deal should have been done the first time he hit free Agency) and so many others…Nolan’s paying the price of having to build a team from the ground up… had the niners kept either T.O. or Garcia they would have had something to build on instead we had to over haul the roster at every postion…

  7. and oh yeah lou i agree that nolan hired all those players/coaches but here’s the thing who else could we have signed instead of those players? at MLB i have not seen anyone better than Smith or Moore come out in free agency…when we signed Jonas Jennings the only other Free Agent option we had was L.J .Shelton who s (Mia, Ari, and CLE)…at WR Free Agency wasnt great as the top signings were Ashley Lelie, Drew Bennett, and Mr.Glass Donte Stallworth….nolan is paying the price of York letting all off our talent walk away and now it’s hard to build it back

  8. I believe there is a coach available right now that could turn this thing around very quickly, and that would be Marty Shottenhiemer. He has won everywhere he has been. His career record over 21 seasons is 208 wins and 131 losses. A winning percentage of .613. I realize that his teams have struggled to win in the playoffs, but I don’t believe that this is all his fault. At least he will get you to the postseason. I don’t believe we will ever go anywhere with Nolan as our coach. He just does’nt have a clue about the offensive side of the ball, and the bad decisions he continues to make confirm this point. PLEASE!!!!!! Give us Marty, and a chance to succeed in the future.

  9. why did we give away are first rounder
    the buckin patriots get randy moss for a 4th rounder
    why did we draft alex smith look at aaron rodgers
    patrick willis is about the only thing good about last 3 years

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