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  1. marco from new york Says:

    Nolan is a complete incompetent, but the problem rests with ownership. Denise DeBartolo, hubby, and lucky sperm (ie son Jed) are doing to the 49ers what the Bidwell family has done to the Cardinals all these years. Bad ownership leads to bad decisions, which leads to years and decades of bad football.

  2. David Grochowski Says:

    We need to give the head coach job to Mike Singletary. If we don’t someone will snatch him up real soon.

  3. Forty9erfan86 Says:

    mike singletary ??? no… we need a coach who has been there and done that. A coach with experience…im done taking shots at newcomers right now…im fed up with it.

  4. I agree, Singletary is not the answer. I think they need credible GM, although i’m skeptical whether they’ll be able to attract any big name candidates since the 9ers are not a particularly desirable assignment.

  5. firing nolan willonly make us an even worse team…all we need is a legit OC and i think it will be Ken Zampeze the bengals QB coach who has helped Carson Palmer turn into a beast..he was nolan’s originals chice for the job but the bengals denied him the oppurtinity since he’s under contract and it was way too late into training camp for the bengals to give him up….IF anything this website should promote hatred towards Norv Turner not nolan

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