A Good Coach?

Let’s start with the premise: A good coach should get the most out of his players. I think most people would, for the most part, agree with that statement. Sure, there may be some exceptions when it comes to a player or two underperforming…but a good coach should be able to get nearly all of his players to perform to the best of their abilities.

So I thought it would be interesting to look at the performance patterns of each free agent Nolan has brought in since his hire. Since it is difficult to prove the quality of play for offensive linemen (since they do not have any statistics available to the general public), I will focus on the statistical performances of each skill position player. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t occasionally certain extenuating variables in all of this…or that statistics are a perfect representation of performance. But this DOES give you a strong sense that Nolan doesn’t even come close to fulfilling the premise.

Trent Dilfer

2005 (Cleveland): In 11 starts, 2321 yards on 59.8% completion, 7.0 yards/attempt, 11 TDs, 12INTs
2006 (San Francisco): DNP
2007 (San Francisco): In *5 starts (6 games), 1121 yards on 53.0% completion, 5.6 yards/attempt, 7 TDs, 11 INTs

Antonio Bryant:

2005 (Cleveland): 69 receptions, 1009 yards, 4 touchdowns.
2006 (San Francisco): 40 receptions, 733 yards, 3 touchdowns (14 games).
2007: Released

Darrell Jackson:

2006 (Seattle): 63 receptions, 956 yards, 10 touchdowns.
2007 (San Francisco) 29 receptions, 332 yards, 1 touchdown (through 12 games).

Ashley Lelie:

2006 (Atlanta): 28 receptions, 430 yards, 1 touchdown.
2007 (San Francisco): 8 receptions, 98 yards, 0 touchdowns (through 12 games).

Marques Douglas:

2004 (Baltimore): 72 tackles, 6 sacks
2005 (San Francisco): 58 tackles, 1 sack
2006 (San Francisco): 71 tackles, 3 sacks
2007 (San Francisco): 63 tackles, 3 sacks (through 12 games)

Tully Banta-Cain

2006 (New England): 42 tackles, 6 sacks
2007 (San Francisco): 28 tackles, 3 sacks (through 12 games)

Nate Clements

2006 (Buffalo): 3 INTs, 20 passes defensed
2007 (San Francisco): 3 INTs, 11 passes defensed

Walt Harris

2005 (Washington): 1 INT, 11 passes defensed (13 games)
2006 (San Francisco): 8 INTs, 20 passes defensed
2007 (San Francisco): 3 INTs, 10 passes defensed (11 games)

Michael Lewis

2006 (Philadelphia) 58 tackles, 2 INTs, 9 passes defensed (14 games)
2007 (San Francisco): 82 tackles, 2 INTs, 4 passes defensed (through 12 games)

As you can see, the only two players who saw their production increase since joining Nolan in San Francisco were Walt Harris and Michael Lewis. However, it should be noted that Harris was the Redskins’ THIRD corner in 2005…and that Michael Lewis was BENCHED halfway through the season in Philadelphia. In other words, their substantial increase in production should not really come as that much of a surprise.

What is more surprising is that every free agent acquisition, aside from the aforementioned two and Marques Douglas (whom, interestingly enough, Nolan COACHED in Baltimore the year before he brought him over to San Francisco from the Ravens), has vastly underperformed since coming to the team.

So why, again, should we give Nolan a fourth year? Chris Palmer didn’t even get a THIRD year with the Cleveland Browns, and he was the first coach of an EXPANSION TEAM.

2 Responses to “A Good Coach?”

  1. IMO Nolans biggest botch was giving the unproven Alex Smith such big money when he signed on. Smith will never be the kind of QB this team needs to succeed no matter who the coach is or the OC is.

    Its a shame we can try and go after someone new, it would be hard to do that since the Niners have so much damn money tied into Smith.

    Nolan really jumped the gun on him and i think its gonna haunt us for some years to come…. Whether it be his horrible sub par play again next year or a hit to our cap if we get rid of him or even let him ride the bench.

    What a waste of a 1st rounder back then.

  2. I’m discouraged today in reading on Footballguys.com that 49er team officials have indicated that Nolan will retain his job as the head coach for the 2008 season. So mudh for having any optimism about next year’s team. I sure had been hoping there would be a coaching change made prior to the start of 2008, and I also had hoped that an effort would be made to try to hire Marty Shottenhiemer for the job. I believe that he would provide good reason for us as niner fans to become optimistic about the coming days. Just take a look at his coaching resume. 208 wins and 131 losses.

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