Comparing Nolan’s First 3 Years

Here is a list of coaches who are no longer head coaches in the NFL (with the exception of Norv) and how their first three years coaching in the NFL compare to Mike Nolan’s.

  • Mike Nolan 14-30
  • Bruce Coslet 18-30
  • Bruce Davis 21-27
  • Dennis Erickson 23-25
  • June Jones 19-29
  • Rich Kotite 29-19
  • Jim Mora Jr. 26-22
  • Mike Riley 14-34
  • Norv Turner 18-30
  • Dave Wannstedt 25-23
  • Jim Hanifan 17-24

Now if Nolan were to win the last 4 games this season, that would tie him with Bruce Coslet and the only other coaches worst on this list are Jim Hanifan and Mike Riley. Sad thing is I’d almost take any of the above coaches over Mike ‘Stay the Course’ Nolan.

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  1. Ninerscluebat Says:

    That i pathetic. I say if all the FireNolan signs don’t work this season, next season’s motto should be a plea to the Yorks: “Please sell.” Ellison is out there from what I have read ready to buy.

  2. yo im a celebrity get me out of this shiz

  3. Dude… c’mon man. Nolan inherited a division I-A team when he came on board, you can’t compare him like this and be fair. This is really immature, in my opinion.

  4. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:

    nolan has to go. this is a results oriented business. and his results are poor.

    he seems more concerned with his gameday attire than gameday strategy.

    alex smith has made nolan look pretty bad as well.

    mike nolan HAD TO KNOW that the alex smith pick was going to determine his fate with the niners. if alex smith became a good qb, nolan was going to be a good coach. however, alex smith is a poor qb, so nolan is a poor coach. see the pattern?

    and to make matters worse, nolan brings in dilfer to backup/mentor alex smith. good one nolan. what a great backup plan…you know, just in case alex smith sucked or got hurt.

    the sad part is that when healthy dilfer STILL IS a better qb than alex smith.

    when healthy, alex smith could not read a defense/blitz if his life depended on it. i recall alex smith under center, seeing linebackers and safetys approaching the line…and instead of calling an audible or a timeout…alex smith still proceeded with a play action pass and was sacked for a nine yard loss.

    don’t get me wrong, dilfer is garbage. but alex smith is worse, he is a liability on the field. he grossly overthrows or underthrows receivers. if we 8 yards for a first down, alex smith will not throw a pass longer than 4 yards. piece of shit.

    and do not get me started on our vanilla, no brains scheme/players on defense. that chester taylor touchdown yesterday was fuckin embarassing. mike nolan should have been fired immediately after the game.

    the sad part is that too much has to change.

    not only does nolan need to go, so do the yorks, alex smith, trent dilfer, hostler and two dozen players who are simply collecting a check and do not even deserve to be called by name (as if i even knew any of their names anyways). this roster is filled with taxi squad players that would be playing in canada were it not for nolan & the yorks…

    very sad days, indeed.

    as my dad said yesterday (also a lifelong niner fan), “it’s the 2007-08 season and trent dilfer is our best option at quarterback. that says it all”

    too true.

  5. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:

    by the way, this is a great site. i had a feeling something like it existed…thank God for google.

    and for all the nolan backers, i am sure the guy is nice…he sure gives off that vibe.

    he just happens to be a shitty head football coach that also happens to be a nice guy.

    a quick breakdown of positions for the niners:

    nate clements was a waste of money. walt harris had a fluke season last year. michael lewis can hit, just can’t cover. our defensive backs have sucked for 10 years now…

    patrick willis is a beast, too bad derek smith & ulbrich suck. those guys have always sucked…always bothered me how some people thought those guys were good. banta-cain came to the niners because the patriots were never going to pay what WE ARE PAYING HIM. another stupid move.

    an over the hill bryant young and 6 scrubs. that’s our defensive line.

    offensive line has some players. not sure if our scheme sucks. we can run block pretty well when we want to. CANNOT PASS BLOCK FOR SHIT. pretty tough to ask 5 offensive lineman to block 8 defensive players on running plays. no team respects the pass when playing the niners.

    wide receivers are a joke. arnaz battle is the only receiver who isn’t afraid to catch the ball. yet when arnaz battle is your best receiver…that means your receivers aren’t very good.

    tight ends…vernon davis. underused, underutilized. a direct result of shitty quarterbacks. vernon davis will be gone the day he becomes a free agent. cannot blame him.

    running backs…another solid group. frank gore is an all-pro, michael robinson is a good change of pace back, and mo hicks is pretty damn good for a reserve. too bad these guys don’t play on the offensive line.

    quarterbacks…arguably the worst in the league…miami , buffalo, kansa city, baltimore and chicago might make better arguments…even though i am not sure how. alex smith is a bust. trent dilfer is a washed up bust.

    yikes. and nolan has personnel powers…so a lot of this falls on his shoulders.

    time to go.

  6. Sons of Walsh Says:

    SeVeN Says:
    December 10, 2007 at 8:49 am e

    “Dude… c’mon man. Nolan inherited a division I-A team when he came on board, you can’t compare him like this and be fair. This is really immature, in my opinion.”

    A division I-A team? Really? Exaggerate much?

    Chris Palmer inherited NOTHING (an expansion team) with the Cleveland Browns and he was fired after TWO seasons. Nolan is in his THIRD year. Dom Capers got four years in Houston–ANOTHER expansion team. Should Nolan get as long as Capers got with an EXPANSION TEAM?

    What’s more, the 49ers will most likely finish this year 3-13. So would you logically say it’s realistic to expect this team to make the playoffs NEXT YEAR after finishing 3-13 THIS YEAR? Or would you be asking for the team to give him a FIFTH year after going 6-10 next year? And then how about when he goes 8-8…a SIXTH year? Maybe then he’ll finally get the playoffs. By year EIGHT, maybe the team will be a Super Bowl contender. Of course, Alex Smith will be closing in on 30 by then…but hey, every team takes 8-10 years to become a Super Bowl contender, right?

  7. I love this site! Says:

    Sons of Walsh, you are soooo right. How long should he get? I think most of us would be patient if we showed improvement. If we were even, say 7-9 or 8-8, and if the team had sparks of progress, I would be behind giving him more time. But how many weeks was our losing streak before Nolan hired Tollner? How many weeks were we unable to even move the ball? We have been an embarassment…we are quickly becoming the new Bengals!

    What’s most disconcerting is that there is a good possibility someone is going to beat us to Shottenheimer or Cowher, and then we lose our best bet of turning things around. If we go get yet another unproven coach, we are going to suffer more years of losing. At this point, after this many years of sucking, it’s time to get a proven winner to rebuild the franchise. Marty Shottenheimer may not have won a Super Bowl, but I think most fans would be so happy with his arrival, as we know he’d build a super solid team that can play defense and run the ball.


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