Talk about bad scheming

From Matt Maiocco’s blog:

I asked Nolan about the protection call that left RB Frank Gore alone to block Vikings DT Pat Williams on a play that resulted in a 9-yard sack. Nolan said that the protection call was correct, but Gore initially went the wrong way before coming back to try to “cut” Williams. Nolan referred to Gore’s mistake as a “brain fart.”

So let me get this straight–it’s Gore’s fault for not blocking a 350-pound defensive tackle (when he’s a 215 pound running back) and not NOLAN’S FAULT for making him block a guy who out-weighs him by 135 pounds? This is just another example of Nolan projecting the blame onto others. Don’t good coaches usually take responsibility for their mistakes?

But hey, “JUST GO LOW!!!”

On another note, Nolan-favorite Derek Smith had yet another horrid game against the Vikings. When it comes to critiquing Nolan’s ability to evaluate defensive play and make personnel decisions on a week-to-week basis, look no further than Smith. Smith is quite possibly the worst starting linebacker in the national football league; a player who is incapable of bringing a player down at or near the point of contact. He is horrible at doing the one thing that is more important for a linebacker than anything else–tackling. Yet to Nolan, this is unimportant. As long as he has high “character” and “work ethic,” nothing else matters. Nolan coached Smith in Washington from 1997-1999 when the former was the defensive coordinator, and the two have been close ever since. Granted, a lot of head coaches play “favorites” based on a history with certain players…but there comes a point where enough is enough. Bill Parcells figured it out in 2006 when he benched Drew Bledsoe for Tony Romo.

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  1. dude, you got it right man. derek smith shouldn’t be starting and frank gore can’t be expected to defend a 300 plus pound tackle for very long. it’s been going on all year with nolan. the old “stay the course” and nothing is this guy’s fault.

  2. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:

    great points. what a great idea nolan! let’s have our only good offensive player block an interior defensive lineman.

    i guess the center and two guards had other priorities…

    instead of acquiring linemen that can run AND pass block, nolan & hostler prefer to have gore pick up the slack…as if he isn’t already doing enough.

    what a crock.

    this franchise is in serious trouble.

  3. Sammy Moore Jr Says:

    I do believe that before it is too late, all of us that have had enough of this nightmare our team has turned into, should act, and act loudly and to the point. Folks, IF Nolan returns for just one more season, the Niner franchise will never (I honestly feel) never again come close to what it once was. I am convinced.
    I, and my wife, have followed this team loyally since the days of Kezar.

    Please, everybody - please email York at:
    and do something along the lines of the following: Please!!!
    December 12, 2007

    Mr. Jed York
    San Francisco 49ers
    4949 Centennial Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Dear Mr. York:

    While it is certainly true that, given an opportunity, some within the Niner Faithful would do bodily harm to Coach Nolan for the depths to which he has sunk our beloved team, not all who scream for his departure despise Nolan, the person. I have it on good authority, Sir, the overall consensus of the Faithful is simply that Coach Nolan is just way, way in over his head. Period!

    It is understood that your background is not necessarily steeped in the NFL and all its shades and nuances, however, even a cursory knowledge of football and observing should enable anyone to conclude the obvious of this man’s gross inabilities. I, too, am as puzzled as you have to be over how little Coach Nolan learned and absorbed in all the many years of exposure to more skilled and competent head coaches. Game, personnel and clock management - Oh, please!

    Common sense tells all of us that are watching: you and your parents want to allow a “fair” chance to the man; you feel the caliber of players did improve on Nolan’s watch; having given Nolan whatever he’s asked for just needs more time to jell; and, like most teams this season, this has all been an aberration. Well Sir, I submit to you that his dogmatic insistence on playing ‘his’ style of “grind-it-out-Eighties-style football,“ lack of offensive acumen, questionable game management skills and shameless reluctance to accept responsibility will continue to erode what fan-base you have left.


    Sammy Moore, Jr

    Ps: my wife and I are former season ticket holders and residents of The City. We go back to Kezar and circa 1957. Whether we continue to stay on the band-wagon or not depends on the next moves made by you and your folks.

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