The Shaun Hill Debate

First and foremost, no one here is saying that Shaun Hill is the answer to the 49ers’ quarterbacking woes. No one is calling him another Tony Romo or even expecting a great outing come Saturday against the Bengals. But based on just one half’s worth of play where Hill lead the team on a touchdown drive against the Vikings and posted around 180 yards of passing, one must once again question Nolan’s talent evaluation.

So you’re telling me that Hill, showing what he showed in that half — granted it was while the 49ers were down and the Vikings were playing a bit more relaxed, was never even worthy of a look when Trent Dilfer was struggling back when we actually weren’t eliminated from playoff contention? We’d be running in circles and doing the robot if Alex Smith had a game where he threw for 180 yards in just a half and a touchdown as well (we’ll even take the 2 INTs).

So Shaun Hill’s somewhat strong outing is yet another example of Nolan being unable to utilize talent or give players their proper due. We’ve been down a ton in many other games this season. Neither Alex Smith or Trent Dilfer performed the way that Hill did during those similar situations. But that’s not the point. It’s simply the question as to why this guy hasn’t seen the field?

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  1. Ok Tony Romo didn’t get his first game action until Drew Bledsoe got hurt mid-season last year. Does this mean we should question Bill Parcells’ evaluation of talent? No one knows how well a player will do on gameday until they actually have a chance to play. Practice time is not the same as game time. Maybe Shaun Hill didn’t prove he was ready at practice. So yet another immature article posted.

  2. Correctiing my previous post- Bledsoe was benched for being ineffective…

  3. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:


    good points.

    however, when your offense has been as abismal as the forty niners this year, you have to look EVERYWHERE (including your third string qb) for some spark on offense.

    alex smith is a bust. let’s quit the denial.

    trent dilfer is a washed up bust that somehow gained credibility as a good backup/mentor qb.

    let’s see what shaun hill can do. i mean, what do we have to lose? NOTHING!

    mike nolan is just trying to keep a calm face, even though his ship is sinking.

    reminds me of the iraqi army captain proclaiming victories as us tanks passed by him in the background.

  4. SeVen, Bill Parcells readily benched Drew Bledsoe when he was ineffective and going into that season Parcells was already prepping Romo for playing time and stated that Bledsoe had a short leash.

  5. I agree Nolan should be fire.. but smith cant be the bust we all think he is.. look at his progress last year with a GOOD OFFensive coach.. ITs all about coaching in this league.. i.e. Packers.. they are the youngest team in the league and winning cause of coaching and scheme.. smith is on his 3 OC in 3 years and unlike turner, hostler wasnt using smiths strengths. Smith isnt a 7 step drop qb.. he is a roll out shotgun type qb.. hostler doesnt know how to use our Qbs strengths at all.. Fire Nolan Fire Hostler go to a 46 base defense draft colt brennan and see what happens

  6. “PROVE HE WAS READY IN PRACTICE?!?” dude, how can you be so naive? Nolan has based his coaching career and the team has sunk millions on Mr Bust aka Alex Smith. Do you really think they would even give Hill a chance to compete and take over Smith’s job? I’m not saying Smith will be great either, but I AM saying both Dilfer and Smith suck and now that Smith is gone for at least the season if not forever with this team, let Hill show us what he’s got. He really should have been given the chance earlier, given how horrible Dilfer has been. It’s just another example of Nolan’s stubborness and riding his horse (whom he has finally kicked to the curb) too long.

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