Alex Smith vs Mike Nolan

Ladies and gentleman, let’s get ready to rumble.

This was from an article in the Mercury News:

The Mercury News has an article where quarterback Alex Smith has come out and ripped Nolan a new one. He says that Nolan has tried to “undermine” his reputation in the locker room. In the interview with the Merc, Smith said Nolan made it clear to teammates that the quarterback was using injuries as an excuse for poor performance, a charge that has left Smith’s locker-room reputation in shambles.

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11 Responses to “Alex Smith vs Mike Nolan”

  1. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:

    a coach with no brains.

    a qb with no heart.

    nothing worse than reading about two subpar professionals (nolan and smith) finger pointing at each other.

    they both suck.

    mike nolan’s career is directly tied to alex smith.

    mike nolan should have known this when he decided to pick alex smith with our number one pick.

    i do think it is bush league that nolan is calling out smith in the locker room.

    however, alex smith played like garbage this season.

    yep, norv turner left…but this is alex smith’s 3rd year and he has shown zero progress.

    at some point, alex smith has to step up and accept some responsibility for his poor play.

    you can teach x’s and o’s all you want, you can’t teach talent.

    as i wrote yesterday, alex smith still doesn’t know how to read a defense or blitz at the line, he doesn’t know how to adjust, and he is horrible at situational football.

    sad days indeed…

  2. I concur whole heartedly! Who do we want to leave? BOTH OF THEM and if absentee York doesn’t have the savy to do it by the off season, he can go too. Steve Young, please come buy this team and put it out of its misery!

  3. I disagree with this article in that Alx does not suck hes to young and is experimenting in his 23rd year of his life. Most rookies start at 23-24 yrs old so i say give Alex a shot with a coach that has an offensive mentality.

  4. Im gonna have to say that for a coach to dance around questions like nolan does.. im surprised that he is still here.. excuse after lame excuse.. young team my ass.. the pack are younger than us and they are winning the bills are younger then us and have had more devastating injuries and they are have a winning record.. Fire Nolan… hire marty schotihiemer.. draft colt brennan in the second round and lets see what happens.. WHOS COMMIN WITH ME?? COME ON?? WHOS COMIN WITH ME????

  5. guys, i hope you don’t mind but i wanted to list my post that i placed on 49er news on this very subject:

    here’s the issue. as a player you shouldn’t complain about an injury. anyone that watched alex play after he came back from the injury clearly knew that he wasn’t right. my issue is with alex’s agent getting involved. condon speaking for alex makes him look like a panzy. alex is hurt no issue but as a coach, nolan shouldn’t deride him in front of his team mates. maybe barlow was right. i don’t think the coach handled it properly and ultimately he’s more accountable than a 23 year old kid.

  6. Hey sons of Walsh is it true that there is going to be a fly over at the stadium on Saturday and the plane is going to have a banner on it that says Fire Nolan? I also heard that people are going to walk out of the stadium in the 3rd quarter to show there displeasure.

  7. Whenever this feud first started Nolan tried to place the blame on Smith by saying “Alex did’nt tell me he was hurting.” In watching Smith try to play against the saints in his first game back after the injury it seemed pretty clear to see that he was hurting as he would reach for the collar of his jersey after every pass he threw. “Come on Nolan you mean you the coach could’nt see that?” I don’t believe at this point that the relationship between Nolan and Smith can be repaired, and I myself am hoping to see a coaching change made.
    I would love to see the niner’s hire Marty Shottenhiemer to be the coach for next year. He of the .613 career winning percentage, he who in 21 seasons as head coach has had only 2 losing seasons. I believe we could see a quick turnaround under Marty’s guidance. “Please!!! Mr. York give us some hope for next year by hiring coach Shottenhiemer.”

  8. FIRE NOLAN AND GET MARTY Schottenheimer he will do way better then nolan

    fire nolan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Steve Young Says:

    Fire York!!!

  10. There’s an interesting parallel between how stubborn Nolan has been and how equally stubborn the Yorks are. They really should sell the team to Steve Young solely based on their bumbling inability to accomplish anything over all the years they’ve been in control. Don’t hold your breath however.

  11. MartyBall, you’re an idiot. They’re not going to sell the team to Steve Young. The Yorks keep making money, so where’s the logic in them selling the team?

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