Mike Nolan Releases Rap Song

Mike Nolan apparently is trying to clear the air with his new rap song.

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  1. that was great……….! I agree he is the world’s 2nd greatest liar to President Bush

  2. I don’t believe this team will ever have a productive offense under Nolan’s watch, and I don’t believe the damage done to his relationship with Alex Smith can be repaired. I agree that for the most part Smith has been a disappointment, but last year he did at least show some glimpses of his potential. Just look what he did in the 4th quarter at Seattle last year, and the key 3rd down completion in Denver to set up the game winning field goal. Under the proper guidance I think he can still become a good QB. He’s still only 23. I think if Marty Shottenhiemer were hired as coach that we could make a quick turnaround. Marty has won over 61% of the games he has coached during the regular season. I know the knock against him is his playoff record, but at least he will get you to the playoff’s. Hire Marty and let’s end this decade on a high note.

  3. Forty9erfan86 Says:


  4. nolan is a loser

  5. you guy are weak and lame to even have such a thing. your so quik so jump ship. you are the reason niner fans are called whinner fans. fairweather bandwagon spolied rotten little babies that think we should be dominating in year 3 of a 100% rebuild, all the while this little website will do nothing but how what asshole and terrible fan you are, why dont you move across the bay you fit right in the the raiders..

  6. 49erfrk, we dont expect to be dominating, but we at least expected not to be the laughing stock of the entire league! You should see notable improvement by year 3 of a rebuild!

  7. This post just made this website lose all credibility, if it even had an ounce in the first place. If you want to try to get Nolan fired, at least do it in a professional manner. How childish.

  8. I can assure you it was done in a professional manner. While the equipment may not have been professional, the lyricism and flow/breath control is.

  9. Hey, where was Edge and Christen at? They would’ve been great playing the Kazoo. That was some lame assed shit that will only make this site a bigger laughing stock then Dump York. That’s why the media doesn’t take you seriously when you put up lame assed shit like this. Professional, I pay 6 bucks to see Spiderman 3, and it had more logic then this site.

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