Incompetence Reaches a New Level

By now most 49er fans are aware of the Alex Smith/Mike Nolan feud/fiasco that took place earlier this week. During this ordeal, Alex Smith stated that Nolan undermined Smith in the locker room and questioned Smith’s toughness. So for just one second, forget your personal opinions about Alex Smith. Forget that you might not be won over by his quarterback play even when he is healthy, and just look at common logic.

 According to Smith’s words and the events that clearly transpired, Nolan did not have a clue about the status of one of his players — the same player he once called the “face of the franchise.” How does that happen? Yes, as Nolan points out there is a fine line between doctors and what is being reported, but I still want to know how a coach is so bad at communicating with his players that he does not realize the situation regarding someone as prominent as his starting quarterback?

Then to add to that, the stuff about undermining a player in the locker room is just childish behavior that no professional coach should exhibit. It’s one thing if you are of the Bill Parcells personality and you are very open and up front about giving players a hard time. But to make snide remarks during press conferences and then go into the locker room and aleniate or cause division there doesn’t exactly bode well for an NFL level head coach. Weren’t we criticizing a player by the initials of T.O. for doing this same thing amongst other players? It’s even worst when it’s the coach and those words of the now departed Kevan Barlow, who referred to Nolan as “Hitler,” seem to have a degree of truth to them.

More or less, this just adds to the myriad of poor decisions, questionable calls, and “brain farts” that Nolan has had in his tenure with the 49ers. After this, it’s hard to fathom that Nolan could return.

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  1. I agree 100%. How in the hell can a coach come out and blast his player and insist that the player is healthy when he’s not? But Nolan has pretty much screwed Alex from the get go! Musical chairs at the OC position, Darrell brick hands Jackson as a WR, and basically nothinG! THANKS A LOT NOLAN YOU PIECE OF CRAP!

  2. We are never gonna win aslong as the Yorks are owners.. They will play with our hearts and finally spend money and give a head coach power unlike the erickson era.. but it will never translate into anything.. until they hire a hire profile coach like marty schott.. or maybe a high profile up and comer like jason garrett we will be in the same place every year.. good drafts and shit coaching.. the only thing nolan has seemed to do rite is draft Willis and some other maybe potential good guys.. but that could be more Scott MC. than Nolan.. Yorks are in it for the money but that money will soon run out if season ticket holders give up the tickets cause the team is shitty on a year on year basis.. they would make more money by selling the team.. and steve young and brent jones have always been interested and prolly still are.. I mean think if Young and Jones buy the team.. Old niners as owners.. A hall of fame QB to disect young talent at QB.. He could be the final word on drafting a potential winner at that position.. Hall of fame knows talent.. he could evaluate and make the decisions nessesary to win.. He knows good coaching as in playing for “Mr. Walsh” so he knows what it takes there.. He knows what it takes to win, what intangibles it takes week in and week out.. He would build his team around those princples and only hire and draft people that would fit in those areas.. So I say we make a website (I would if I knew how haha) and have a petiition to somehow get the YORKS To SELL the NINERS TO YOUNG AND JONES…. Or at least show our displeasure with the Yorks on the Niners website.. As fans we think we have no power.. but if we were to boycott a few games.. thats millions of dollers gone to thier pockets.. THINK THEY WOULD GET THE MESSSEGE!!!!!!!! STEVE SAVE US…

  3. The above poster has no idea what he/she is talking about and his/her views do not reflect the opinion of

  4. Also…I just can’t stop laughing at the statement “Hall of Fame knows talent.” Riiiight. So Mike Singletary saying Derek Smith is a “great linebacker” MUST be true. After all, if you were a great player, that means you must ALSO be a great evaluator of talent!!!111

  5. I love the way the author sets this blog up by asking us to forget our opinions of Smith and that he has been a horrible quarterback, and then asks us to look at common logic. You know it’s going to be interesting when you are asked to throw logic out the door so that you can see “common logic”.

    I love how the author completely ignores the fact that Smith’s doctors told Nolan that Smith was ready to play and Smith was telling Nolan (and the media) that he was ready to play but the author still expects Nolan to know better than everyone else whether or not Smith is ready to play. Maybe the author doesn’t expect Smith to act like every other player in the NFL or he thinks Nolan has a crystal ball or something?

    The author, clearly an expert in “common logic”, expects us to believe that head coaches should not challenge pro athletes in the locker room or in front of the team because that would be childish and it might hurt the player’s feelings. The author’s “common logic” would however have us believe that it’s completely mature for a player to take business that should be handles behind closed doors or in the locker room to the media to whine about it and use it as an excuse for poor performance. By the way, we were railing on TO for handling his business in the media rather than in the locker room or face to face with players last I checked.

    Rather than just blast the author of this “common logic” blog for such a cross-eyed perpective on the events that took place, I will submit my own theory for scrutiny as well.
    1: Smith got hurt
    2: Doctors clear Smith to play and Smith tells Nolan he is ready to play
    3: Nolan takes a lot of heat from the press and the fans for holding Smith out an extra week (Giants game)while Smith is clearly telling everyone he is ready to go.
    4: Smith plays and looks horrible just like he always has.
    5: The media forgets that Smith has never played great and starts asking Nolan if the shoulder is the reason he sucks. Nolan says the shoulder is not the reason Smith sucks.
    6: Smith sees an opportunity to makes excuses for sucking and blames his suckyness on the shoulder to the press.
    7: Nolan is broadsided by the media with the “Smith sucks because of his shoulder” news and says it is the first he has heard about it.
    8: The media, ever so eager for some drama to report on, asks Smith if he told Nolan he sucked because of his shoulder and Smith calls Nolan a liar and says he did. Let me remind you that up until that point, Smith was telling the media that his shoulder was fine, or did we all forget that little fact?

    9: The players lose all respect for Smith because they (unlike some of you) remember Smith saying his shoulder was just fine and then they see him act like a wimp and throw the head coach under the bus by telling the media that he sucks because of the shoulder and Nolan forced him to play anyway.

    10: Nolan makes it clear to everyone on the team during a meeting that it is the player’s responsibility to let the coaches know if they aren’t ready to go, even if the doctors have cleared the player to go. Nolan also lets the players know that the line of communication start with a face to face with the coaches rather than comments to the media.

    11: Smith is embarrassed and senses the disdain his teammates have for him so he decides to make it an all out media war by blaming Nolan for turning his teammates against him. Many of you lose all semblance of logic and accept the claim that all of these pro athletes lost respect for Smith because of what Nolan said rather than basing it on their own accounts of the events that led up to this whole fiasco.

    12: When the media tries to get Nolan to fight back publicly, Nolan refuses and basically answers no real questions except one; “I will talk to Smith about this in private”. The author’s “common logic” would have me consider this childish?

    You can’t ask me to use common logic in the face of all the above events and then expect me to believe Nolan is the one who is acting childish here. The responsibility for this mess belongs solely to Alex Smith and it is my “uncommon logic” that tells me that is exactly why the entire team has lost respect for Smith.

  6. if Jed York is any part a DeBartolo, he will make some changes quick. The question is will he surround himself with real football people ( Mcvay, Walsh Mckittrick, Policy et al) or does he pick wannabes like Nolan. You get what you pay for.

  7. NinerLifer Says:

    I love the post by 9er man……….

    Everyone that is riding Nolans back, and don’t like what hes doing with the future of this team are just as pathetic as our little billion dollar cheerleader Alexis.

  8. I agree NinerLifer. I’m all for Nolan getting fired if he can’t rebuild this team but it is just insanity to balme Smith’s recent outbreak of childish behavior on Nolan.

    Nolan has a lot to answer for but this issue is clear cut and the Nolan haters seem to be so caught up in thier hate that they have lost the abbility to reason.

  9. 9erMan? Is this the same 9erman that is like that 50 year old dude who goes around myspace and other websites trying to hit on underage girls?

  10. 9erMan–We still ask the question: How does a head coach not know the injury status of his player? Isn’t that, like, his responsibility? To actually TALK to his player and ask him how he is?

    The bottom line is Nolan went into a press conference and insisted he knew the status of Alex’s injury…and that he was FINE. It turns out that he’s out for the season because he needed surgery. Whoops…that’s what he gets for not bothering to find out for himself and instead running his mouth in the media.

  11. 9erman, you have some good points and some not so good points. it’s true that alex smith currently can’t be considered amongst the best for his position. but any good coach will tell you that confident players are efficient players. when you take the time to slam your qb1 in the media and in the locker room, you remove what little credibility he had in the locker room. how is this helpful? how does this bring us closer to winning our sixth championship? coach nolan is a man and alex is a kid more or less; it’s up the coach to rise above this controversy and a mould a player that can help us win championships. since when do coaches make fun of their players in the locker room or publicly? and why give extra praise to trent dilfer when his play has been poor to say the least? i applaud alex for standing up for himself. i don’t like the fact that his agent got involved but that’s another issue.

    the bottom line is that the coach should take the “higher road” when it comes to these sort of issues and nolan hasn’t done that.

    is alex smith going to be a pro-bowl qb in the future? who knows? i do know that he’s better than his stats indicate. i do know that he was playing with the worse receiving corps in either the nfl or cfl leauges. i do know that his receivers have dropped an average of 18% of passes thrown to them which by the way is worst in the nfl. i know that the offensive line has been nothing short of disappointing this year. combine that with the fact that he’s had 3 offensive coordinators in three years and a pretty bad offensive coordinator this year.

    you can’t assess his talent right now but you sure can assess nolan’s talent. the proof is in the win column. the proof is in the level of play of the players at the end of the year. you can’t tell me these players believe in nolan when i see guys on the sideline laughing and smiling in the third and fourth quarter while being blown out by team after team. guys like darryl jackson (who never seems to look like he cares) are a cancer to this team and nolan picked him.

    coach nolan shouldn’t be coaching this team period. deriding your players in public and in private is not only cowardly but inexcusable.

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