49ers Amongst Worst First Half Teams Ever

Per Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat:

“The 49ers have been outscored by 148 points in the first half this season. It’s the worst scoring margin in the first half since . . . well, since the 49ers were outscored 261-113 last season.

The past two seasons the 49ers have ranked among the worst first-half teams in the NFL since the 1970 merger, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. The 2000 Arizona Cardinals were outscored by 166 points (244-78). The worst first-half team since the merger was the 1990 Cleveland Browns, who were outscored by 200 points (289-89).”

┬áIt shouldn’t be a surprise to fans who have endured the Nolan tenure thus far, but it is once again another strike against Mike Nolan. Bad first half performances are an indication that the team is not prepared for games from the onset. And that, once again, falls on coaching, which is headed by you know who.

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  1. LOL what a desperate attempt to make a point to fire Nolan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but first halfs don’t determine the outcome of a game.

  2. Why don’t you name this the “Bring the Cowboys to SF” website? I can’t imagine how trash like this could be written by people who claim to be 49er fans.

  3. Seven, are you just a complete moron? You’re getting off to the worst starts int he history of the game. Coaching HAS to account for that.

  4. ninerwhiner Says:

    Nolan needs to pack his bags n get outta dodge…why are we even questioning his pregame preparation when he cant make simple logical decisions during the course of the game. Choosing to go for it instead of kicking a fieldgoal and making it a two score game is the biggest idiotic debacle i’ve witnessed to date. Nolan is just a stupid neanderthal meathead who preaches tough defense and lackluster offense. He doesn’t deserve to coach the red and gold with this lame primitive philosophy. This is the bay area people and the niners are a team that entertains an elite class of doctors and lawyers who sip wine and whine when we lose. Im suprised by the lack of whining this year after the abysmal season that cant seem to get any worse. I think the niner crowd of old has long abondoned us and moved on to greener pastures such as boston..lol….but with all the aforementioned skepticism on the impending doom of nolan i’d give him 1 more year to see if he can get it turned around. I’m a sucker for continuity.

  5. ninerwhiner Says:

    and i forgot to mention how much i enjoy his postgame conferences and he’s the quintessential spin doctor and can manipulate and talk his way out of just about anything… i cant help but correlate his interviews to donald rumsfield iraq updates….for that simple reason i’d like to be entertained for an xtra year of spin control as long as its not at the sake of another losing season.

  6. Seven, you’re an idiot. The 49ers have regularly gotten so far behind in the first half that the game is already over at halftime. The first half DOES matter, and this is another indictment against Nolan.

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