So Nolan…

Care to explain why Shaun Hill was on the bench all of this time and Trent Dilfer, with abysmal performance after abysmal performance, kept getting the nod?

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  1. Fire that bitch nolan and get a better fucken coach and a get rid of that pussy alex smith he sucks balls!!!!!!! that 3rd string quarterback shaun hill making Alex smith look like a little bitch!!!!!

  2. i’ll tell you what i really would like to know. why would nolan go for it late in the game on fourth down? why not take the two score lead? hell even the other team was scratching their head about that decision.

  3. Nolan is not a head coach. He is a defensive coordinator. The 49ers need to get a real head coach that knows how to lead a team. Let Nolan go back to being a defensive coach. Bring in Mike Holmgren as 49ers GM!!!

  4. There is a rumor that Nolan has submitted his resume for the defensive coodinator position at San Jose City College. (He wants to stay in the bay area). It appears the administion is considering hiring him and he wants to bring “hoss” with him. Looks like soon CCSJ will be “Rollin with Nolan.”

  5. I dont think Nolan would go from the NFL to city college. What would they pay him 35k a year lol!!!!

  6. Nolans staying you idiots just delete this website.

  7. Ninaz, hey moron, instead of namecalling, why don’t you intelligently explain why you like Mike Nolan?

  8. Hey Vince because no matter how much you fucking cry about it, Nolans not gonna be fired. You think just cuz a bunch of no names who dont know shit about coaching say that Nolan should be fired that they will fire him. Your retarded and not even if John Madden undermined Nolan he still wouldnt be fired. This Website is useless and a waste of internet space because it will accomplish nothing but make Niner fans live up to the name 49er Whiners!!!!! so STFU. And i hate Nolan with my guts but theres nothing we could do about it moron.

  9. why did we give away are first rounder
    the buckin patriots get randy moss for a 4th rounder
    why did we draft alex smith look at aaron rodgers
    patrick willis is about the only thing good about last 3 years

  10. I hope that winning a few meaningless games late in the season won’t be enough to convince the York’s to bring Nolan back as coach again next year. If we start the 2008 season with Nolan still being our coach I don’t expect the team to even be a threat to make a playoff run. Let’s act swiftly to acquire a competent coach so that we don’t waste the best years of Frank Gore’s career.

  11. Hymie:

    Even if we had lost the remaining games, Nolan would still be here next year. Sorry.

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