If Nolan Returns in 2008…

As Chris Mortensen reports, then FireNolan.org will only be louder and more proactive. That’s our New Year’s Resolution.

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  1. Well, it is official; Mike Nolan will be back once again after another season of winning essentially meaningless games. To his credit he seems to have the ability to keep his team focused on the season. However, I would say be careful what you wish for “Nolan (not Niner) Fans”…even in these wins he has once again shown an inability to coach a clean game. In every game he has at least one major gaffe and the last two have been no different. Anyone that thinks a proven commodity like Cowher would not do a better overall job come Sundays is a fool. As much as I wish it were not true, I would be very surprised if the Niners were able to win more than eight games next year. Based on the talent on this team, that would (once again) be a huge disappointment. Also, Shaun Hill most likely is not our savior; teams will have film on him and learn his tendencies. It is fairly unusual (although not unheard of) for a guy to sit for five seasons and become a franchise-type player. The odds are still tremendously against this occurring.

    In the end, every fan must look at the season as a whole and evaluate Nolan’s performance with an open mind. Having done that, I would say that our coach did not do a good or even competent job over the vast majority of the past 15 games. Nolan may be a great guy and the players may love him, but that does not mean he should not be held accountable for three forgettable years. Most teams have injuries and several teams had injuries similar to the Niners (QB’s). Beyond that, just think of how many teams have really crappy QB’s to begin with? Yet, many if not most of these teams were at least competitive throughout the season. Just look at Tennessee and how poorly Vince Young played this year (no better than Smith) with less overall talent (or so the experts thought at the beginning of the year). They are currently 9-6 and headed to the playoffs. Anyone want to make an argument as to whether Jeff Fisher made a difference? The bottom line is that there are coaches out there who are better qualified to help us reach the playoffs next season and those who cannot acknowledge that fact are simply ignoring the all evidence around them. I really hope I am proven wrong by all of you Nolan lovers. Then, I can simply get back to rooting for the Niners every week, as opposed to participating in these pointless blog sites (yes, they are pointless, and most of you “Nolanites” can barely complete a sentence much less critique a professional football team).

  2. Im gonna have to agree with the above statment.. besides the “this site is pointless” cause it is and isnt.. Its nice to vent for fans.. but this is site wont be here after next year for the simple fact that nolan will not with more than seven games next year and will be fired… is he a bad evaluater of talent.. maybe but he did choose willis and so far he looks like the new Ray Lewis but bigger and faster.. our defense is better this year even tho they have been on the field twice as long as last year.. For Nolan to be successful is to do the Norv thing again.. Find a OFC that can coach the offense so Nolan doesnt even have to go on that side of the practice field.. Take Nolans supreme control over the team and hire a Gm.. or promote scotty MC.. Hire a high profile OC and see if Nolan fails.. The talent is there as much as people want to say our WR suck 2 of them are team leaders on passed teams.. we have to solid TE and one can be super dangerous if you use him right…The fact Hostler doesnt know blocking schemes or play seletion is as clear as day.. we have one of the best Olines and backups for Oline in the league.. but hostler doesnt know how to call plays… for this year we should change this websites name to FIREHOSTLER.ORG… Nolan has one more year guys.. Live with it

  3. Nolan denied what mortenson said so theres no story there

  4. OK so it seems ironic now that the anti-Nolan fans who says that Nolan is a “liar” would believe him when he denies the ESPN report confirming his employment status for 2008. lol.

  5. If Nolan comes back in 08 anybody who buys season tickets are idiots. I know some people will scream “I’m faithful” but what they should scream is that “I’m Yorks/Nolans wet dream”! It wouldn’t surprise me if this idiot is brought back as the Yorks don’t want to get rejected by half the league again in their coaching search! All they care about is money! The 49ers to them is nothing more than the booty in their feud with Eddie DeBartolo,jr. As long as they make money off the “Rollin with Nolan” idiots, they’re cool. If a few games are won here and there, so be it. But thats not their focus. 118 million dollars made this year for a team thats really only won one game(Cincinnati) The Yorks are “Rollin” in the dough at the expense of stupid, blind 49er fans. I won’t be one of them though if Nolan returns.

  6. Cori:

    A true 49er fan will stay faithful to their team in the good times as well as the bad. Just because YOU don’t agree with the coaching situation, we with season tickets are “idiots”? When we start winning with Nolan next year, don’t come crawling back. Go find a team with a coah that YOU agree with.

  7. SeVeN, I agree with you that Nolan will be back next season. However, if the Niners have another losing season, I hope that you change your mind about the guy. He’ll certainly be fired if that’s the case. Next year’s his last chance.

  8. Vince:

    I never said I liked him as a coach, but I’m standing behind him while he IS coach. I’m willing to trust him in this whole rebuilding process and see if he can restore this team back to greatness. I understand that this can take a few years. But yes, I agree, if after next year we don’t see an improvement, he might be looking for a new job. But for now, as long as he is coach, I am behind him. It’s called being a 49er faithful.

  9. Seven,

    Just admit it. You like it when Mike Nolan touches your ass.

  10. Batman:

    Wow, another immature “Nolan protestor” posting another immature comment. Congratulations.


  12. Mike Nolan’s relatives and friends are at least loyal to him, as evidenced by the pro Nolan posts. Come to think of it , it is most likely his agent’s 19 year old son responding. He gets paid, Agent writes it off, Nolan thinks he has people that love him. Little Napoleonic Nixon “I Have a Contract” moron
    continues to strut around for another year pretending he is a head coach. 3 years of this ineptitude. Think of all the coaches that have not even lasted one year with this same level of ineptitude. Someone fire this used car salesman with his cheezy Reebok suits asap. The guy spends more time posing in front of his mirror so he can trim his facial hair and examine the creases in his clothing so he looks good on camera. He is so inarticulate and pointless in his obvious logic. Did he even go to school? Maybe a few semesters at some on-line diploma mill? Everytime he opens his mouth with one of his igonorant platitudes Niner fans heads begin to explode from the pithy and shallow comments. Say something that makes sense at least, you moron.

  13. SeVen is dominating this site with his Pro Nolan posts. A Nolan shill, spammer, whatever. Create your own SeVen Loves Nolan site dude. This is for true Niner fans who go back to the ’50’s and remember the tradition of Niiner values. I never thought I would ever see a team worse than that ‘78 team, but Nolan’s ineptitude has surpassed the Joe Thomas era. A TRUE fan would do his/her best to express concern and a critical consciousness. SeVen writes suspiciously like Nolan’s agent. Typical tripe that an agent gets paid for. Kinda like the Counterintelpro program in the 60’s.

  14. 49erLloyd Says:

    Hey Seven, have you hired somebody to fix up your property? That’s who Nolan is, hired to fix our team and 3 years later, it’s not fixed. Do you not remember the 4 ass kickings the NFC East gave us. Who do we have on this team that can help us beat the NFC East. Never mind about McNabb or Reid, or Redskins bad talent, we find ways to look like assholes in the league to those teams. If Nolan comes back, 3 and 13.

  15. Lorena Wallace Says:


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