Late Season Push Changes Nothing

So the 49ers have won 2 games and could end the season on a high note. That’s all fine and we, as 49er fans, like to see the team succeed. But where was this for you know…the other 13 previous weeks?

As far as we’re concerned, whatever the team is doing now to have more success only proves how incompetent Nolan was from the get go. Why wasn’t Shaun Hill used sooner? Why weren’t horrible incumbents like Derek Smith phased out sooner? Why wasn’t an offensive consultant brought in when we actually had a chance to compete for the division?

Nolan doesn’t get a free pass because we won the past two games. More or less, it’s just a sad reflection of what could have been and hopefully what next year could be with a more effective coach who actually utilizes his players. Furthermore, while the Buccaneers win was nice, it was against a majority of the Bucs backups in an utterly meaningless game for Tampa Bay.

We’re not impressed.

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  1. Agree with u sons of Walsh Nolan had plenty of time to see Dilfer at QB but kept putting him out there even though he was awful. Week after week we had to put up with Nolan and his stupid dumb comments that its a long season. No its not the NFL season isnt very long at all u need to win not keep throwing dead meat to the lions dead meat = trent dilfer. The only way Hill ever got on to the field is cause Dilfer got hurt if he didnt I bet everyone that Dilfer would still be the starting QB right now!! And dont get me started on Derek Smith that guy and Dilfer probably have the same 40 speed I guess it only takes 200+ missed tackles in a carrer to get ur playing time cut right Mr Nolan. How about Brandon Moore just cause his preseason wasnt good he had to sit on r bench he was r leading tackler last year and leader in sacks but it was ok to see Derek Smith in there jumping two inches off the ground to try to block that ball in Pittsburg right? Nolan has his guys and doesnt want to change that Derek Smith a Nolan guy Trent Dilfer a Nolan guy Maurice Hicks a Nolan guy Marques Douglas a Nolan guy hell the whole Raven team is a Nolan guy. The question is will the Yorks keep there promise to the fans and not settle for bad football and get a gut like the chin or Marty will see huh!!!!

  2. Ann Killion is my favorite sports writer she tells it like it is.

  3. Who gave you authority to speak for all of us 49er fans? You, by far, are not speaking for me. Speak for yourself! Nolan is coming back next year, get over it. Relax, enjoy the wins.

    BTW yes we played the TB backups for 1 half but we used our 3RD STRING QB the whole game…

  4. Hey Seven if u love Nolan so much then get the hell off this site dumbass

  5. Sons of Walsh, your agenda has proven to be weak, ill-hearted, and without the team’s best interest’s, in concern. What do you say? You continue to post these negative articles about the 49ers staff, and call for a change, WITHOUT any mention of what next. You could constructively figure the situation, or be a poor-sport fan and just gripe and call for another man’s job. Maybe Singletary is the best option, who will have to be hired now, Atlanta is calling, who knows whats next. But I could see him staying, a coach/player combo with Coach Sin and Bam Bam has, and will be special. All-Time, HOF, ‘allat!”. But dont open your mouth unless you know what the shot it.

  6. SeVeN, our third string QB has been the best of the three all year though. It’s not like Alex Smith would have done anything against Tampa Bay’s first string defense.

  7. Seven, stop posting. You’re so stupid that you take away IQ points from everyone else.

  8. Ok I want nolan gone.. but he will get one more year… and with the report the Lions are firing Martz and the end of the game today and the niners are supposedly gonna go after hard could end up saving wierd questionable call guy nolans job next year.. Could you imagine VD, Walker and Jackson in Martz style offense.. and with the D spread soo much.. Man gore will have some wide holes to run in… My ideal situation after next season.. keep martz and hire marty.. Agree or No??? Let me know

  9. Vince:

    How many years did it take for Shaun to get his first start? Several years, right? Apparently Mike Nolan isn’t the only one to notice that. Which is the reason why he wasn’t put in earlier.


    From this point forward I will not lower myself to your level by responding to your immature posts.

  10. All of you who think that Shaun Hill is the answer to the 49rs quarterback problems are delusional. He will never be more than an adequate backup. NOTE: When an 37 year old Jeff Garcia was the opposing quarterback this year he outplayed Hill easily. Remember: Garcia was ran out of town–and rightly so–in San Francisco because of his well documented inability to win the big games.
    All talk of Shaun Hill being the quarterback of the future is meretricious persiflage.
    As for Nolan hitting the highway the only question to be answered is whether he should be tarred and feathered or not.

  11. LOTT&TOT, I don’t remember anybody saying that Hill is the QB of the future, only that he was the best of the three (four, including Hesiman bust Weinke) Niners’ QB’s this year. SeVeN, I agree with your point, but to argue that we were playing our third string guy too in the TB game isn’t exactly correct because, again, Hill was the best of the Niners’ QB’s in 2007. Smith would have most likely played worse in that game.

  12. 49erLloyd Says:

    Seven you dumbass, get off this forum! I want Nolan gone. You are a real dumbass if you think we’re going to win because I see 3 and 13 next year: St. Louis, Arizona, and Detroit are the only wins we’ll get. NFC East: 4 losses. AFC East, 4 losses. Car, loss. Seattle, loss.

  13. Just to clear one thing up, the Niners play the Saints, not the Panthers, next year.

  14. 49erLloyd Says:

    I just saw the Panthers got bumped to 2nd in the tiebreaker, my bad that I didn’t see the Saints get bumped to 3rd. So we play Saints 3rd year in a row since they got REggie Bush, boy that’s going to suck! And we get to go to New Orleans too, just beautiful in our 3 and 13 year with Mike at the helm. Thanks a lot John York!

    I urge all 49er fans to NOT renew NOT buy, tell your friends NOT and tell opposing fans NOT to BUY any tickets. No matter what the team does, DO NOT FILL THAT STADIUM! I want an empty stadium next year. I want 8 blcakouts. I don’t want anymore of the 49er/Raider horse shit in my regional TV games. I want other games! No wonder NFL TIcket is bought up because 49er fans are tired of seeing such shit on TV.

    Again, black the team out next year if Nolan is retained! This horse shit STOPS this year.

  15. Vince:

    It doesn’t matter, Alex didn’t play. We will never know how he would have done. The fact remains, if Alex was indeed healthy, HE would have played because he is the starter. And the same goes with Trent, if he was healthy he would have started over Hill. Hill is our third stringer.

    Now next year, we’ll see how he does in competition against Smith, and then we’ll find out if he’s actually better or not.

  16. 49erLloyd Says:

    Seven, I am coming to your forum and I am inviting people from the blogs over to encourage NOT to buy or renew tix. Seven, this team is FUCKED! NOlan is an ASSHOLE. You are a MORON! Get the fuck out of the way or you’re going to be in for a world of hurt. I was on the Mercury blog and Maiocco’s blog. I’m pissed off at Nolan.

  17. 49erLloyd:

    You sound as if you have serious issues. Relax, dude. It’s not the end of the world. There’s more to life than football. When this life passes, football will not go with you. It’s just a game.

    BTW I have no forum. And if I did, I would gladly welcome you and your buddies.

  18. When I first saw Shaun Hill play, I was doubtful of the guy. After a few plays, I can see a huge difference between Hill, Dilfer, and Alex. I was perplexed why Nolan didn’t put Hill in a lot earlier in the season. I mean Dilfer isn’t effective and Smith was hurt, why not put Hill in to see what you got? The Niners were improving to a certain extent after the first year but this year, they regressed. Alex smith needs to go also, his mechanics is horrible, he panics like heck and he can’t read the defense.

    I grew up watching the Niners of the 80’s during the glory days, but now everytime I watch the game, I feel like destroying the TV. We need a new Offensive coordinator. Thank God Patrick Willis isn’ t a bust like Alex Smith and Mike Nolan.

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