Nolan Meeting with York

So word is that Mike Nolan is currently meeting with John and Jed York to discuss his future. We can only hope that the outcome of this meeting is a swift kick out of the door for Nolan and a suggestion that he pack up his things and clear his office. Hopefully, the Yorks do the right thing and fire Nolan by tonight.

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  1. forty9erfan86 Says:

    hopefully nolan is gone tomorrow…cannot stand that man

  2. I hope hes gone as well. And hostler, and, both the smiths’.

  3. 49erLloyd Says:

    I hope he’s gone, but odds are, the idiots will retain him.

    NFCE/AFCE/NO/DET/Crap division=3 and 13 with Mike Nolan.

    We are going to get our asses kicked by the NFC East again.

  4. Well, as of 1/1/2008 it appears that we will still be rollin’ with Nolan!! Happy New Year!!!! God bless!!!

    And good riddance to this “movement” lol.

  5. Sons of Walsh Says:

    This movement will not end merely because Nolan is retained. In fact, it just gives us more incentive to try harder and become more elaborate with a full year to work with.

  6. 49erLloyd Says:

    Too bad SEven you didn’t read what PFT said, but that’s OK.

    Thanks to John York, I, like Vince mcMahon am going to INJECT the poison onto the 49ers. I cry as I have to do this, but I must. the 49ers must be PUNISHED! MIke Nolan will be fired! I will do whatever it takes to blackout all 8 games! This is not a threat but a warning, Seven. I am very pissed right now.

    I’m with you to the hilt my friends! WE must FIRE NOLAN!

  7. Sons of Walsh:

    What if the 49ers go to the playoffs next year? Are you still going to want his head on a plate?

  8. Sons of Walsh Says:


    Wins and losses are not why this website was assembled. From a fan perspective, perhaps many look at the wins and losses as the ultimate sign of effectiveness. We believe that Nolan’s win/loss record thus far (16-32) is a sad reflection of a much deeper problem — his coaching philosophy.

    Nolan could win 10 games next year. Afterall, we were 2-0 to start off the season this year. However, when you look at those wins, they were terrible games and not very well played. That is our major problem with Nolan. His coaching philosophy and decision making impedes this team from being the exciting and consistent team that it was always meant to be. In the three years that Nolan has been coach here, we have only had double digit victories about two or three times.

    Thus, unless Nolan wakes up and ceases to be conservative and gameplans to win rather than to not lose, we will never hold him in high regard.

  9. Sons of Walsh:

    So what you’re saying is that winning is not enough for you and we should be blowing everyone out like the Patriots have this year? A win is a win, no matter how it’s won. I wouldn’t mind blowing teams out every week, but let’s be realistic, that’s probably not going to happen. IMO, as long as we’re winning, I don’t care how it’s done.

  10. 49erLloyd Says:

    ZHey Seven, either respond to what I say or get the fuck out. Nolan is a loser and you’re a sheep walking blind. I’ll confront you at the ticket office with my protest sign!

  11. If the Niners go 10-6 next season, I’ll take it. I doubt that it will happen though. If the Niners are anything less than 8-8 next season, Nolan will be fired automatically. If they get out to an embarrassing start (lose a bunch of games in a row), he could be fired in the middle of the season. His job’s unquestionably on the line now. The Niners have a really tough schedule next season; I don’t give them much of a chance. Patriots 49, Niners 0 at Monster Park (halftime score).

  12. 49erLloyd:

    Why should I respond to you? You’re just going to put me down and curse at me. You’re obviously very immature. So what’s the point? Even though we don’t see eye to eye, at least I can swap messages with Vince and Sons of Walsh in a mature manner.

  13. Vince:

    I agree with you about anything less than 8-8 and Nolan is gone. But I can imagine us going 10-6 next year with a much improved OC. We were headed in the right the direction after the 2006 but we lost Norv.

  14. 49erLloyd Says:

    No, Seven you’re too mature and such a kid to know that I’m right and you can’t face that. All you know is the team of today, not the team that was one time owned by better owners. If the NFL feels that Eddie D had to be removed, shouldn’t that imply to your buddy John York who has taken this dynasty down the crapper? You seem to have a fetish for the 49ers losing, why is that, Seven? You think each year we’ll get better? Well last 10 years, we’ve either gotten worse or got our butts kicked in the playoffs.

    YOu’re an opposing fan, Seven, not a 49er fan when you support York and NOlan. This site is about firing Nolan, and there is no other side, Seven. You are not to be the other side of why Nolan should stay because you don’t even give valid points as to why Nolan should stay.

    That’s why in the words of DX:


    And you keep popping here, I’ll just pop on your forum and put up Fire Nolan.

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