Brokeback 49ers

The 49ers held a press conference earlier this afternoon explaining the “changes” made after 2 days of meeting. I use the quotes because really, I’m trying to wonder what changes were made.

 -McCloughan was elevated to the GM position, but noted this his relationship and decision making process with Nolan would not change.

-Nolan claimed that is the voice of the organization and its face.

- Jim Hostler was fired.

At one point, McCloughan stopped short of declaring his man love to Nolan by saying that his and Nolan’s friendship is strong and will “last forever.”

So now that there aren’t any strong changes made after 3 years of losing, we can only get out our bag of popcorn and anticipate more of Nolan’s antics. He was wailing around and doing hand gestures during the entirety of the press conference almost as if he was Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday. It was a fairly funny scene in Santa Clara, but we wonder how long the humor will last in 2008.

7 Responses to “Brokeback 49ers”

  1. 49erLloyd Says:

    Well, season fucked, nothing to look at, 3 and 13. But keep up the good work for i got dibs by 6 games, Nolan is gone if we go 1 and 5 or 0 and 6. Let’s hope the NFL makes us play NFCE/AFC first in the first 6 games, easy ticket out! Just tank to NE, then Phil, New Orleans, well, just fuck the games up like you always do.

  2. SD Life Long Niner Fan Says:

    even though i prefer we fire nolan, ownership is taking all excuses away from nolan.

    next season, his coaching skills (or lack thereof) will be spotlighted.

    nolan can no longer use the “gm” crutch to mask his shortcomings as a head coach.

    i freakin hate mike martz, but he might be a good fit at offensive coordinator with alex smith.

    alex smith played a more wide open offense in college, and might be able to learn martz offense pretty quickly.

    then again, i hope we bring back shaun hill.

    i actually prefer shaun hill for his poise in the pocket.

    happy feet alex smith simply cannot decipher nfl defenses and succombs to the pressure of a nfl pass rush.

    at least the yorks are taking all excuses away from nolan.

    let’s go niners!

  3. Why nolan uses a suite, because he is attending the 49ers funeral?

  4. Yorks are the worst owners in the league. All business no football. Jerry Rice was right in saying that “they don’t have the balls to fire Nolan.” Kiss our legacy goodbye!!!

  5. You expect anyone to take this site seriously when you have such ignorant and offensive title’s for your posts?

  6. you guys are fucking dick heads Says:

    You guys are fucking stupid. I hate you guys and I hope you die a horrible death. When you faggots made the brokeback moutain did you guys get the insperation from personal experience. Nolan and Mccloghlan do practice sodomizing but its to your moms, wifes, daughtes. and after that they cumm all over their faces because they like it like that. While you guys watch and sodomize each other and eat shit. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE MOTHER FUCKERS. YOU LITTLE BITCHES. DICK HEADS. GO NINERS!!!!

  7. Niniers4evaFucKLosing Says:

    you guys are dick heads,
    Are you mike’s son or his daughter? You can’t seem to see that he has done a poor job and its time to go bye bye. His game management skills are mediocre at best and as far as player evaluation goes, just look at alex smith. Had we not allocated so much for a guy with consistently poor numbers, we might have a real quarterback right now. Hopefully shaun hill will take his shot. The numbers dont lie man. I grew up a proud niner watching my boys consistently kick ass. Im sick and fucking tired of the excuses and no results. So go fuck yourself!!! Wake up and smell the sidewalk fucker, OUR NINERS SUCK! TIME FOR CHANGE

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