Nolan to Stay, Stripped of Powers

So according to several sources including Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports! the Yorks have decided to retain Mike Nolan as the the head coach of the 49ers, but have stripped him of his decision making powers.

Given the nature of this website, we are angry and disappointed at the decision the Yorks have made. It also makes no sense to us because the Yorks have basically stripped Nolan of his personnel powers yet somehow still believe tha the’s the answer at head coach. It’s a puzzling decision and there is word from Pro Football and their sources that Nolan won’t last more than a year tops.

Regardless, the mission of this website is to exploit Nolan as a subpar coach and we will continue to see it through until he is gone. The 2008 season will be filled with more anti-Nolan sentiment and you can bet that there will be protests, walkouts, frustration, and anger to go around when, as we believe, Nolan fails yet again.

12 Responses to “Nolan to Stay, Stripped of Powers”

  1. 49erLloyd Says:

    I am now with you all the way. I am now PISSED OFF.

    But we have to go further now if I stay in:

    ENcourage friends to not buy or renewe tix.
    Do not get the game sold out! Make the NFL put on another team. I know you may not like Cowboys or Packers…but remember, this is for firing Nolan. You don’t have to actually enjoy the game, but isn’t it better then to see shit from the 49ers and Nolan?
    Black the games out.

    Mike Nolan must be fired. No matter what, do not buy or renew tix. No 49er merchandise. Go cold turkey fans, and we’ll get rid of Nolan soon! Do not fall for price gimmicks or who we get, do not let Nolan get away!

  2. 49erLloyd:

    Like I said before, there’s more to life than football. Your efforts will not change anything. Despite the team’s poor offensive output, we have the most faithful fans around. Whether we go 16-0 or 0-16 our fans will go to the games. Relax, it’s just football.

  3. Ok sersiously… Yorks wont fire nolan if we all stop going to games lets be serious… and the guy that says there is more to life than football is obviously a guy that goes to Ikea instead of watching the Niners.. I want Nolan gone just as much as the next guy.. But we do have one more year with him and one can only hope we have the holmgren effect.. What I mean by that is when Holmgren first went to Seattle, he was just like Nolan full power over everything Gm and Coach.. and if you member they were losing.. Holmgren was on the chopping block and they stripped him of all power except head coach.. and now look at them.. Am I saying that will happen to Nolan.. No but one can hope… Nolans problem he thinks too much and makes wierd decisions.. His offeneses are a more conservative than Mooches.. and it didnt help hostler had no god damn idea how to call a game or teach an effective blocking scheme.. Nolan needs to just read react and coach.. Quit thinking soo much and let loose.. Hire a Big time OC like Martz or maybe Cam after he gets fired in miami and see where it goes.. and if he starts the season 2-6 I promise you the yorks will prolly just fire him in the middle of the season… So Nolan staying is for half a year.. and what happens if we win you say.. well nothing we will be winning and us fans will be happy.. HAHA

  4. Nolan should be stripped of his rights as a human being, shipped to Guantanamo, and made to wear a suit of vomit for the next 25 years.

  5. Well I now see no reason to be optimistic about the upcoming 2008 football season knowing that Nolan will remain as head coach of the niner’s. With Nolan calling the shots we will again finish at the bottom of the league in offensive productivity no matter who we have playing QB. He will run the ball on 3rd and 11, and pass the ball on 4th and 1. I’ve never seen a coach who makes worse decisions. I feel badly for Frank Gore that the team won’t have a chance to win during the prime of his career.

  6. 49erLloyd Says:

    Seven, in the words of Chris Jericho Y2J:


    Our season has been RUINED. I hope something BAD happens to Nolan. I hope the storms we get DAMAGE Candlestick so maybe with God’s good grace, we won’t have football at all. Maybe the Giants have to turn Emerald FIeld into our temporary lot.

    I hate you, Seven. Get off this site, or I’ll take such a huge shit on, you won’t know what’ll hit you.

  7. IF we hire Cam Cameron as Offensive co-ordinator and give him full control of the offense including 3rd down calls we’ll be fine…He worked wonders with Sd’s Offense and we the exact same O….
    FRank Gore=poor man’s L.T.
    Vernon Davis=Bigger Faster Antonio Gates
    Alex Smith=Way better than Phillip Rivers will ever Be
    Arnaz Battle=Kennan McCardell(SD #1 receiver at the time)
    Ashley Lelie= Faster version of Vincent Jackson
    and Darrel Jackson should be demoted to 3rd receiver……….

  8. gangbangin Says:

    LOL i love how all the 49er fans criticizing are all the 49er fans who were on riding his dick at the beginning of the year

  9. 49erLloyd Says:

    Do not hire Cam Cameron. I want this team fucked up so we can fire Nolan. What part don’t you get? Just get some recycled lackey on OC that’s like Hostler, have him call shit plays, we lose our games, and by 6 weeks into the season, we achieve victory in firing Nolan. I say it’s time we 49er fans start turning our backs. DO not buy or renew your tix. Boo the team for keeping Nolan.

  10. Hymie:

    Nolan didn’t call the plays, Hostler did. Hostler is now gone.

  11. 49erLloyd Says:

    That was a mistake, Seven because we’re about to hire a bigger idiot. Please respond immediately as we continue to have a plan to fire Nolan. Here’s my battle plan:

    I am going on every 49er forum there is on the Internet starting this weekend (I got to go to my job tomorrow, I still got to get paid for actually working) and I am going to tell every fan there is do not buy or renew your 49er ticket.

    If I find out this is not working, I will be in San Francisco at 49er ticket office with a protest sign Fire Nolan, do not buy tickets.

    I will be on every blog there is that the beat reporters have, spreading my do not buy ticket and fire Nolan message.

    Finally< Seven, we fired the wrong moron! HOstler should have been kept because we can fire Nolan sooner. You know, I feel for you, kid. You’re going to be so sad that Nolan is going to be fired aren’t you? That’s tough shit becuase nobody ruins my NEw Year’s and gets away with it! I’m going to nail Nolan so hard, he’s going to regret he came to this team and I’m going to smile when you cry!

    I don’t care what this makes me on the forums. I want Nolan GONE! You want to stop me or pay your Nolan lackeys to stalk me from forum to forum, be my fucking guest for I’ll tell about my experiences on 49erHolics/49ersParadise/and that don’t give 2 shits to an opinion and take away your rights as a human being!

    You make me sick, Nolan fan.

  12. L3THAL_Z28 Says:

    49erLloyd get a life…no one fkn cares what you think or want to do…no you don’t have a job (and go get laid for that matter man, you need that shit)…anyway, i want nolan fired too but not buying tickets is not gonna accomplish shit…i can bet anything that IF (and i stress the word if because its not likely) the niners start with a winning record you will be the first jackass jumping on the bandwagon…just like how you were in the beggining of the season…and don’t deny it becuase you know its true…so STFU and get a girlfriend to keep you busy

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