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Open Letter to York

Posted in The Yorks on December 5, 2007 by Sons of Walsh

Sir, this organization has reached a critical cross road under your watch. We’ve seen you bumble through the release of Mooch and it’s also been reported in the press by some that you pretty much ran off Bill Walsh and lots of that tight knit team family that were part of the storied tradition that the fans rightfully want restored here. Still, we were encouraged when you seemed to take careful, methodical steps in hiring Mike Nolan and finally get the new stadium issue back on track - though the years keep passing and the ground’s still not breaking on that one just yet.

Now it will take some bold moves on your part to right this ship. Are you up for it? Can you meet the challenge? To begin, please come out from hiding behind your wife’s skirts and tell us what you have planned to restore the 49ers to greatness. We’ve already heard her say this is unacceptable and perhaps a GM needs to be brought in during the off season. Fair enough and perhaps a good first step that should have already been done. But what can you personally tell us? Why have we not heard from you? We need you now. Being absentee is not an option. Staying the course is not the solution. There are still many fans that feel it will never be right as long as you continue to own the team. You need to show them and all that have come along to support you that you have what it takes.

Merely expressing outrage, scapegoating a few assistant coaches and bringing in a GM to help out Nolan can be compared to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We need more than that now. We need lifeboats. We need a new direction. When you look at the overwhelming amount of teams in the history of the NFL with head coaches that have turned their teams around in three seasons (or less sometimes), you have to conclude that the Nolan regime, unfortunately for us all, has been a complete bust. What we need now is the equivalent of a Marty Schottenheimer if not Marty himself. The time has come for experience and savy and direction and purposeful energy that moves the team back in the right direction. Can you bring it Dr York? We will be watching. Don’t let us down.

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Fire Mike Nolan!

Posted in Mike Nolan, The Yorks on December 5, 2007 by Sons of Walsh

First off, let us start out by saying that we are not just a compilation of tide-riding football fans spraying anger in one direction with no long-term vision in mind. Unlike Mike Nolan, we actually DO have a plan.

We aren’t merely trying to pin all of the team’s problems on Nolan and run him out of town on a rail for no reason other than to feel better about the sad state of the franchise. Rather than focusing solely on the removal of Nolan, we have carefully considered the long-term prospects of this football team. We have a replacement in mind; one with a proven track record.

The San Diego Chargers are finding out right now just how valuable Marty Schottenheimer is to an organization. An “old school coach,” Schottenheimer has won everywhere he’s been. He doesn’t put up with anything less. He doesn’t go to organizations and “clean house” to prove his point–he just gets the most out of each of his players and gets them to play winning football.

When you really take the time to analyze all of the nuances, Schottenheimer is the perfect fit for this team. Nolan began the process of converting this defensive unit into a 3-4 defense, and Schottenehimer has a background in that style. Over the years, he has preferred to emphasize ball control on offense–he will already be given an elite runner to do that with in Frank Gore. AND, last but not least, once the Dolphins finish the season 0-16, there is an excellent chance Cam Cameron will become available to rejoin Schottenheimer in San Francisco as offensive coordinator. Combine that with the fact that Manusky has worked under Schottenheimer before and it seems as though it’s FATE that Marty comes to San Francisco to restore the once proud franchise.

We would just like the Yorks and the others involved in the 49er management to know that we are promoting Nolan’s firing with the intent of a positive outcome.  We aren’t misguided fools in the mold of the “” website.