Natural medicine. Part 2

Posted in Health on November 1st, 2012 by Lance

A related issue arises with vitamins and minerals. Although vitamin E is a necessary nutrient, the vitamin E in tablets is a refined processed product, a single isolated chemical. It’s not as natural as food rich in vitamin E. Nonetheless, it can be called natural, because using vitamin E supplements involves improving nutrition. Read more »

Natural medicine. Part 1

Posted in Health on October 31st, 2012 by Lance

Natural medicine is one of the fastest growing parts of health care. By some estimates, as many as 70% of Americans use herbs, vitamins, and other supplements to self-treat illnesses or improve overall health. But what is natural medicine, and what does “natural” mean? Read more »

Biomechanics of the Vertical Jump, Part 3

Posted in Wellness on October 29th, 2012 by Lance

The last article reviewed is “The Shock Attenuation role of the Ankle During Landing From a Vertical Jump,” by Ted S. Gross and Richard C. Nelson. For this study 11 male recreational basketball players were used. Two distinct types of landing styles were observed. Read more »

Biomechanics of the Vertical Jump, Part 2

Posted in Wellness on October 18th, 2012 by Lance

“The Influence of the Biarticularity of the Gastrocnemius Muscle on Vertical-Jumping Achievement” was a study by Arthur J. Van Soest, Arend L. Schwab, Maarten F. Bobbert and Gerrit Jan Van Ingen Schenau. The researchers that biarticular muscles such as the gastrocnemius were especially suited for powerful movements like jumping hypothesized it. “Because the knee is extending, gastrocnemius length remains close to optimum and its contraction velocity remains relatively low, even when the ankle is extending fast. Read more »

Can you really work out at home?

Posted in Fitness on October 16th, 2012 by Lance

Ive tried working out at home by purchasing those multi purpose home gyms with every bell and whistle. I would enjoy working out at home for a few months then I would completely lose my motivation and stop working out. Read more »

Biomechanics of the Vertical Jump, Part 1

Posted in Wellness on October 11th, 2012 by Lance

In today’s sports world, athletes who compete at a high level possess certain skills of some basic movements that leave the non-elite athlete or non-athlete in awe. Jumping is a skill that most people can perform. But for the athlete who competes in a sport where the mastery of the vertical jump is vital in their success at that sport, then the vertical jump becomes an amazing feat of athletic ability. Read more »

Trillium Sports Medicine

Posted in Fitness on October 10th, 2012 by Lance

Studies show that rehabilitation treatments for patients with complete thoracic spinal cord injuries may in fact be very effective. Read more »

A Pyramid Made From Food

Posted in Wellness on October 3rd, 2012 by Lance

How can you build a pyramid made out of food? Easy, the Food Pyramid shows the types or groups of foods that make up a healthy diet. It is made up in the shape of a pyramid to show you the different proportions of food. Read more »

Profit Potential Is Right Under Your Nose. Part 3

Posted in Business on October 1st, 2012 by Lance

Operating under the old mentality of throwing a few drinks in a cooler or putting a few racks of clothes in the corner isn’t going to make it happen. To generate income from your MPCs, you need to actively market your amenities. To do that, you have to get to know your customers by interacting with them — if not personally, then through your well-trained staff. Read more »

Profit Potential Is Right Under Your Nose. Part 2

Posted in Business on October 1st, 2012 by Lance

Like used-car dealers, these clubs often find themselves competing with each other on price, each one undercutting the club down the street. Price wars accelerate the desperate need for new members, since each one pays next-to-nothing to join. Read more »