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Hepatitis E Virus

Posted in Online Pharmacies on December 28th, 2010 by Lance

Hepatitis E is a self-limited acute form of viral hepatitis that is typically spread by fecally contaminated water. It occurs endemically in developing countries and has been responsible for epidemics involving thousands of cases in regions of Asia, Africa and Central America.

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How It’s Done

Posted in Women's Health on December 15th, 2010 by Lance

Like the non-stress test, the mother is attached to a Doppler ultrasound machine that monitors contractions and fetal heart rate, but the stress test includes giving the mother a small amount of oxytocin, a hormonal drug that stimulates uterine contractions. A variation of this test substitutes nipple stimulation for oxytocin; stimulating the mother’s nipples with hot towels or by hand can also bring on contractions.

Natural Fertility Medications
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Staying Home with Baby

Posted in Women's Health on December 2nd, 2010 by Lance

Is it feasible for you or your spouse to stay home with your new baby? According to Andy Dappen, author of Shattering the Two-Income Myth, families can live well on one income if both partners are committed to the goals and in agreement about how the family will benefit. Dappen suggests couples start exploring the one-income prospect by tallying the time and money it takes to earn each spouse’s income. Oftentimes, couples will find they spend a large portion of time and money actually earning that income – through time spent preparing for work and commuting as well as money spent on commuting, work clothes, dining out, taxes and hiring others to maintain their home. It clearly takes money to make money. Read more »