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The Computer Reseller’s Guide to Financial Fitness Post 1

Posted in Weight Loss on March 25th, 2011 by Lance

Operating a profitable computer reselling business is a complicated task requiring a wide variety of skills. Selecting and selling merchandise is often the easiest and most enjoyable aspect of the business, while managing the financials represents the most intimidating task. Managers who lack a strong background in finance may shy away from aggressively tracking and analyzing their financial state, but this reluctance can lead to a range of problems and, in the worst case, to business failure.

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The Aguero Sisters

Posted in Beauty on March 9th, 2011 by Lance

A mysterious death and suicide haunt the main characters of this novel. Set against the backdrop of both Castro’s Havana and the Cuban-exile community in the U.S., “The Aguero Sisters” weaves a lyrical tale of love, loss and family secrets.

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Art Alfresco

Posted in Beauty on March 1st, 2011 by Lance

Sunlight. Fresh air. Nature. The great outdoors can inspire great creativity and refresh young artists. This summer, try unleashing your children’s creativity outdoors. Make sure they are well supervised, and enjoy the warm weather with them:
Paint with water: The only art supplies needed are a clean 2- or 3-inch-wide paintbrush and a bucket of water. Children can experiment with texture, color changes, evaporation and many more ideas as they spread water on the sidewalk, a building or a tree trunk. How can they hold the brush to make wide or narrow lines? What can they do to make, or stop, the drips?

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