Can you really work out at home?

Ive tried working out at home by purchasing those multi purpose home gyms with every bell and whistle. I would enjoy working out at home for a few months then I would completely lose my motivation and stop working out. For the past four years Ive been a member of a gym with locations all of over the U.S. This is great because I then can attend any of those gyms when I travel. Working out at the gym is great for me because I am highly motivated to work out and keep in shape.

During college I enjoyed working out in fitness centers but I now prefer working out at home during the week and exercising outdoors on the weekends. The varied routine keeps me motivated and challenged!
I think whatever choice you make, the important factor is finding a regular exercise program that you can fit into your daily schedule. There is no right answer for everyone. A lot of older people are really enjoying water aerobics and Tae bo. Younger people seem to love a variety of different indoor and outdoor activities.

I find that time is a valuable thing and it doesn’t matter where you exercise as long as you just exercise. A good exercise I like to do when kickin it in the living room is arm lunges. The best way to do them is to sit down on a coffee table and put your hands down on the table fingertips facing behind you and start pulling your body up and down with the strength of your upper torso pulling you up and down. I find this is a great exercise to do when limited on time or just kickin it at home.

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