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Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

Posted in Weight Loss on October 11th, 2011 by Lance

YWant to learn sound eating habits and achieve a healthy slow-but-steady weight loss? Need a little hand holding? Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig Weight Management Program both scored well in SELF’s survey of 13 popular diet plans. Weight Watchers offers group support, while the Jenny Craig program provides personal counseling (final grade for each: B+). Some dieters find face-to-face guidance helpful, but it does demand extra effort. Read more »

Step Up to the (Salad) Plate!

Posted in Weight Loss on September 30th, 2011 by Lance

Are you still eating bland iceberg lettuce with a wedge of tomato and a dollop of ranch dressing and calling it a salad?

It’s no wonder Americans are not on speaking terms with their ho-hum salads. The good news is that there is untapped potential for amazing variety and tastes — right in your salad bowl!

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Lose Weight in 45 Days

Posted in Weight Loss on July 8th, 2011 by Lance

Question: I have been on a program for about 45 days. I’ve lost barely five pounds. My body feels better but I want quicker results. I’m now doing 30 minutes of walking, biking, or other aerobic stuff with 15-20 minutes of light weight lifting. I keep telling myself that no matter what the scale says, I do feel better. But I am about 35 pounds away from my target weight. What am I doing wrong? Read more »

The Computer Reseller’s Guide to Financial Fitness Post 2

Posted in Weight Loss on April 1st, 2011 by Lance

Say a reseller has $100,000 in inventory, on average, and a 10-day inventory turnover. This means that this reseller sells (and replenishes) $10,000 of inventory a day ($100,000 divided by 10 days). If this reseller’s inventory turnover time were to rise to 20 days, the reseller would double its inventory costs — to $200,000 ($10,000 in inventory per day, multiplied by 20 days). Read more »

The Computer Reseller’s Guide to Financial Fitness Post 1

Posted in Weight Loss on March 25th, 2011 by Lance

Operating a profitable computer reselling business is a complicated task requiring a wide variety of skills. Selecting and selling merchandise is often the easiest and most enjoyable aspect of the business, while managing the financials represents the most intimidating task. Managers who lack a strong background in finance may shy away from aggressively tracking and analyzing their financial state, but this reluctance can lead to a range of problems and, in the worst case, to business failure.

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Tofu is Good for You, But…

Posted in Weight Loss, Women's Health on March 19th, 2010 by Lance

Tofu? The food of the “radical” vegetarians? Science tells us that it is good for us, even better than the garden burgers, but how do you use it? Read on…
Until 5-10 years ago, tofu was not mainstream–it wasn’t even in the general supermarkets until just a few years ago. Tofu’s stereotype was that associated with Oriental cuisine, and food for the strict vegetarian. Though it is true that meat still reigns as the major entree for most people, more people are beginning to realize the benefits of eating tofu, even just for a few meals a week.
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