Explaining Fashion Trends

Why do people wear baggy jeans? OK, a little baggy is all right, but when you start to see underwear and your shorts look like jeans, isn’t that going a little far? Why can’t people just wear jeans the way they were intended to be worn?

People (generally teenage boys) wear baggy jeans because they’re cool. Now, you might not agree that they’re cool, but what started as a prison thing (no belts to hold up your jeans in County, you know) has become the look of the ’90s for kids.

I can’t explain why it’s cool, it just is. Kind of like how in the ’60s, it was cool to grow your hair long and never wash. Oh, that’s kind of cool now, too, isn’t it?

My point here is that certain things catch on and we have to look at them for a couple of seasons, then they go away. Would you rather super-tight designer jeans made a comeback? I didn’t think so.

So, sit back and relax. You don’t have to sport baggy jeans. (Frankly, they look pretty bad on girls — even Kate Moss looks terrible in those Calvin Klein Khaki ads where she’s got super huge pants on.) And prepare yourself for the next trend. Only don’t complain if you like it even less than the baggy-jeans look. After all, it could be a case of the old, “be careful what you wish for….”

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