Mandie’s Journal: Week Six. Part 2

Sharon’s Reply

Congratulations on losing three more pounds this week! I do see more fruits and vegetables in your selection of food. Is there a Taco Bell near your new job? Maybe you can ask them for a nutritional analysis of their foods, so you can check the fat and calories and perhaps make better selections. Packing your lunch will save you many fats and calories.

You are eating less in quantity. Your comment that food is less important — might this be related to your sense of well-being? Perhaps this new job has reduced your stress and lifted your self-esteem. You no longer need food for comfort and company. Am I on the right track?

You may not need to over-analyze this, but it is helpful to stand back and observe the influences that affect your ability to take care of yourself and your weight. In the future, whenever your weight is going up, and you feel food has a grip on you, take a look at how you are really feeling and work to get your feelings and needs met. Food cannot fix your feelings. If you can address your inner needs, your need for food will be appropriate, not excessive.

Give me the name of your dentist. I think you have more than one sweet tooth!


Armand’s Reply

Congratulations on your weight loss. However, for permanent weight control, exercise will have to become a regular part of your lifestyle.

I assume from what you wrote in your diary that you walked once last week. I still want to see you walking at least three times per week in order to gain the health benefits of consistent exercise.

Remember, as I explained last week, stretch after your walk, not before! Also, don’t use your out-of-town trip as an excuse not to exercise. Walking can be done almost anywhere, so be sure to make the effort.

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