Photo Poems

What you’ll need:
Camera (preferably Polaroid) and film
Construction paper
Rubber cement

Kids will feel special creating their own customized photo poems. Once they’ve mastered their own poems, they can make photo poems for others and give them as gifts.

What to do:
Take a Polaroid photograph of your child. Mount the photo on a sheet of construction paper and write the child’s name vertically beside the picture. Have the children complete a name poem, using words that describe themselves and that begin with the letters of their names. For example:
S – strong
A – artistic
R – riddles
A – anytime
H – hurry C – cartoons
A – astronaut
R – right-handed
L – laughing
O – okay
S – surprise

Mount the photos and poems on construction paper. Kids can put their special poems on the door to their room and begin making more photo poems as gifts for loved ones.

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