Profit Potential Is Right Under Your Nose. Part 3

Operating under the old mentality of throwing a few drinks in a cooler or putting a few racks of clothes in the corner isn’t going to make it happen. To generate income from your MPCs, you need to actively market your amenities. To do that, you have to get to know your customers by interacting with them — if not personally, then through your well-trained staff. Every employee in your club needs to consider themselves a customer service representative, determined to make it their business to get to know every member’s needs and desires. Employees who get to know members learn things about them, which not only makes members feel more involved in your club, but makes it easier to encourage them to buy things there. Do you think your cooler would generate more income if your front desk staff said something like, “Hi, Mary. We’ve got that Berry Berry Power drink you like, so be sure to treat yourself after your workout”? In which case, do you think it’s more likely that you’ll sell more apparel with a rack of clothes sitting near the sign-in desk, or a friendly staffer who approaches a member by name and mentions, “We just got some great warm-ups in! You’ve got to check them out”?

The keys to effective revenue generation from MPCs can be summed up in one sentence: Get to know what your members like and what they need, then offer it to them face-to-face in a friendly atmosphere.

Your existing members have demonstrated a desire to be a part of your club. The only question now is whether you can increase their involvement, and their dollars spent, by offering them additional products and encouraging them to use your services. Consider what William Wrigley Jr. said, “In no deal did I ever figure our own profit first. I always mapped out a proposition where the dealer would make a good thing. Always give them the thick end of the stick. No matter how thin our end is, remember we have thin ends coming in from everywhere. And, many littles make a lot.”

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