Sore muscles; bed feels too hard — like lying on a pile of rocks.
A bruised sensation as if broken, all over the body.

Abscesses with great pain and violent burning.
Violent burning .
Great pain when flow from abscesses becomes scanty.

Violent congestion with pressing pain, pulsations. Every pulsation felt in head and ears.
Copious sweat on head.
Pain, occiput, on coughing, in morning on waking.
Rolls head from side to side.
Intense restlessness with headaches, bleeding of nose, nausea and vomiting.

Sore to the touch; or on turning them outwards or upwards.
Delirium on closing the eyes.

Horribly offensive breath.
Foul putrid taste.
Taste sweetish, terribly fetid.
Tongue is coated brown.
Tongue large, flabby, clean, smooth, as if varnished.
Tongue, red and dry, clean, cracked, smooth, as if varnished.
Tongue, fiery red, brown streak down the center, smooth, large, flabby.

Voice weak, husky, hoarse.
Pain right lung and shoulder.
Cough brings up large masses rusty mucous from larynx. < motion, warm room. Cough gives burning in larynx and bronchi. Associated with copious offensive night sweats. Pains in region left nipple. Heart Every pulsation felt in distant parts.

Anxiety and sinking sensation. Oppression of chest and heart. As if heart were pumping cold water. Throbbing of carotids Increased heart action. Appetite Vomits coffee, ground blood, putrid masses. Throws up water when becomes warm in stomach, but > drinking very hot water.

Thirst for cold drinks during chill and heat.
No appetite or thirst.
Great thirst for small quantities of cold drinks, but the least liquid is instantly rejected.

Distended and very sensitive.
Inflammation — peritoneum, intestines, uterus.
Pain on deep breathing.
Colicky pain.
Pain, right side; extending to back; < each motion, talking, breathing. > lying on right side
Groans with every breath.

Continuous consciousness of womb — it is so sore and tender.
Putrid, scanty lochia.
Menses last one day, then bloody leucorrhoea.
Bearing down pains, prolapsus uteri. Only holding breath and bearing down.
Septic infections after childbirth.
Septicemia following a miscarriage with the fetus or placenta retained and decomposed. Puerperal peritonitis with extreme fetor.

Lochia suppressed, followed by fever, chills and profuse fetid sweat.
Post-operative cases with overwhelming sepsis.
Menses horribly offensive, carrion-like.

Menses last but one day, then a bloody leucorrhea, horribly offensive.
Fever at each menstrual period.
Pelvic peritonitis or cellulitis.
Uterine hemorrhage of bright red blood with dark clots.
Prolapse uterus, better holding the head and straining.
Genitals severely swollen (Bright’s disease).
Abscess of left ovary, acute throbbing pain, great distress with fever and rigors.

Pain, all limbs, with great restlessness.
Cold, numb and clammy.

Putrid and cadaveric. (Body, breath, sweat, discharges).

Scanty or suppressed.
Red deposit difficult to wash off.
More frequent, with fevers.

Putrid, copious, profuse, liquid, watery, involuntary, painless.
Constipation: hard, dry, black, putrid.

Complete inertia of the bowels as in Opium and Sanicula.
The rectum becomes glutted with large black hard balls which are extremely offensive and the stools are expelled with great straining often needing manual help.

Better: motion, heat, hot, bath, drinks, pressure, stretching, motion, changing position, hard rocking, walking.
Worse: cold, damp, sitting, moving eyes.

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