The Epidemic Known as Domestic Violence Post 1

Domestic violence is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and can include any or all of the following types of abuse by a parent, child, spouse or lover.

One type of domestic abuse involves hurtful physical acts that include pinching, slapping, beating, kicking, punching, pulling of the hair and the actual use of weapons. These weapons can include but are not limited to knives, guns, belts, bats, vehicles, cigarettes or lighters, curling irons, hammers, tire irons or gardening tools.

Another type of abuse is sexual in nature. A few examples of sexual abuse include rape, forced or coerced sexual acts, incest, molestation, fondling, forced viewing or participation of pornography, sexual jokes and even insults concerning the victim’s sexuality or performance.

The hardest abuse to prove is that of a psychological nature. The intentional degradation of self-esteem by insults or belittling conduct as well as excessive limitations or control over another person’s behavior, financial freedom or interaction with others.

Domestic violence and abuse knows no boundaries as far as race, religion, age, sex, geographic location, sexual orientation, or financial and social standing.

Parents abuse children, children abuse elderly parents, husbands or lovers abuse women and yes, women abuse men and other women.

The following are a few of the statistics concerning domestic abuse:
Of the four million women who are physically abused, an estimated 960,000 cases involved a spouse, boyfriend or girl friend.

One in three female children will be sexually abused before the age of twelve. Close family members or acquaintances will perpetrate Seventy percent of these abuse cases.

Women are five to eight times more likely to be abused by a spouse or lover or approximately twenty-one percent of all violent crimes against women.

Spouse or lover abuse is estimated at two percent of the violent crimes against men.

Men perpetrate ninety-two percent of all domestic violence or abuse against women.

Statistics show husbands or boyfriends commit thirteen thousand violent acts against women in their workplace every year.

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