The Epidemic Known as Domestic Violence Post 3

In the past, all types of domestic abuse was quietly swept under the rug and ignored by society. Thankfully the attitudes of the general public and the legal systems are changing. Police are responding to “domestic affair” calls by taking and filing reports and helping the victim to receive protection against her abuser. Husband’s rights aren’t all encompassing and courts are willing to issue restraining orders when considered necessary after being presented with documentation.

Many cities around the world have battered women’s shelters to give temporary haven to the abused women and children. These places usually have a security system set up, counseling services, aid for job placement, as well as legal resources and information.

These halfway houses or shelters are not a long-term solution though. Many limit the days you can stay in the complex as well as the allowed age of minor male children; while they will aid you in getting away from your abuser, it is ultimately up to you as to what is eventually done.

Only you can decide to take the drastic step and get out of the situation. It will also be up to you to decide whether or not you actually press against the perpetrator. The District Attorney will not see his way to prosecute if the victim has not if this is what she or he wants.

It takes a great deal of courage for a victim of domestic abuse to step forward and make a conscious decision to take a stand against a violent spouse or lover. It takes even more to stand before a judge and tell the story of the abuse while wondering how you will be able to keep a home and food available for yourself and children.

In the end though, those who take that first step towards becoming a survivor instead of a victim will hopefully find a life filled with hope and promise instead of one of constant fear and pain.

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