The Scoop on ‘Light’ Cigarettes. Part 1

If you have decided to cut back on your cigarette smoking by using “light” brands, you should be commended for your efforts to protect your health. If you are like most people who have made this switch, you did so because you believed that these “lighter” cigarettes must be safer. Unfortunately, you, and many others, have been mislead by advertising.

“Light” brands of cigarettes really deliver the same dangerous amounts of nicotine and tar, and cause the same number of smoking-related illnesses, as their “full-flavored ” counterparts. That is why thousands of people who only smoke “light” cigarettes still develop lung cancer and emphysema each year. And that is why the term “light” is meaningless when it comes to your health.

When you smoke regular brands, your body becomes accustomed to a high level of nicotine. When you try to cut back to “light” cigarettes, your body senses that it is getting lower amounts of nicotine. If your body doesn’t make up for the lower amounts of nicotine being delivered by the “light” cigarettes, you will go into nicotine withdrawal.

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