What is the Reason for Doing a Fertility Detox Diet?

Regardless of whether they come from our environment, food or the household products we use daily, all of us deal with many toxins everyday and some toxins pile up in our bodies gradually, resulting in health issues in the future. Something to be careful about are endocrine disruptor toxins.  These man-made substances are put into many things, including plastic Tupperware, processed foods and body lotion. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to get away from them.

The trouble with endocrine disruptors is that they imitate the normal hormones our bodies create – like progesterone and estrogen, which are female reproductive hormones and, as the name implies, the normal rhythm of the body is disrupted. Even though some plants can imitate estrogen, our bodies have become gradually accustomed to their mild impact. For instance, phytoestrogen (which is contained in soy) has a normal half life of a few minutes, but the man made substances have half lives of years, or actually decades.

The body normally has a detoxification system which consists of the blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs as well as the skin to handle toxins. These organs’ abilities to detox are so complex, that some professionals think they really can neutralize fake chemicals. The trouble is, there are a lot of new kinds of chemicals being put into our bodies daily and this is so overwhelming that the system can’t perform its job.

While research continues to discover the effects of these chemicals on our bodies, evidence already exists that these toxins have a number of potential long-term effects, such as:
* Infertility
* Allergies
* Childhood Cancers
* Learning Disabilities
* Autism
* Mood Disorders

One method of reducing the effects of these chemicals and to improve your body’s ability to fend them off, is to do a full body detox several times during the course of a year. Using this method, your body can be assisted in many ways, such as having a better chance of conceiving.

You may notice other symptoms that could indicate that your body could benefit from a detox, including:
* headaches, fatigue, weakness
* muscle/joint aches and pains
* brain fog, poor concentration, irritability, depression
* sinus problems, including allergies and stuffy nose
* skin irritations such as rashes and itching
* digestive issues
* sensitivities to chemicals, foods, drugs

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