Our Mission

FireNolan is a lot more than just a website from a disgruntled fanbase venting about the woe of 49ers Head Coach Mike Nolan. In fact, this is the collective work of many, and is based in logic and reason, not knee jerk reactionary fan foolishness.

FireNolan is a movement. Indeed, it consists of hundreds of contributers, and thousands of supporters from San Francisco to England, Maryland to Texas. We are a growing legion of fans of the San Francisco 49ers who have had enough of doubletalk and coachspeak. We’ve had enough with vanilla defense and inept offense. We’ve had enough of the great 49er legacy being tarnished by a coach who ignores what has made this team great through the years.

Quite simply - we’ve had enough of Mike Nolan.

And so, we have gathered together - in force - to beg for change. Every week that goes by sees less progress, more problems, and less solutions. Its time to make a change - NOW. We must have a new man at the helm who knows how to build and manage an offense, who can stabalize the team and get it on the right track again - and the longer we wait, the worse it will get.

49ers fans have given Mike Nolan ample time to prove himself - but it has become clear he is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

FireNolan is a growing community dedicated to the removal of coach Mike Nolan in order for the team to move forward. We are organized, we are passionate, and we will have our voices heard.

We will not stay the course.

113 Responses to “Our Mission”

  1. Bill Rucker Says:

    You’ve got my vote…in spades!!!

  2. Mike Nolan needs to do all of us Niner fans a favor and not have to deal w/ another season w/ him as HC by “voluntarily quitting”. Then, maybe the Yorks can promote Scot McCloughan to GM and hire an experienced HC, OC, QB Coach and even OLine coach. Geez, nearly our whole offensive staff needs to be replaced…all hand-pick by Nolan himself.

  3. Get a life geek.

  4. I really like Nolan as a person, but I hate his guts as a HC for this team. There are people that can do a much better job than can even dream of. Yorks again will have to make the call and do it ! T need proven people to come in and at the same time, develope promising young coaches.

  5. cris49ers Says:

    this a hole! should be fired!!!!…he has too much power to be a GM and Head coach..HE IS NOT A PROVEN HEAD COACH OR A GM!!!!… with him staying for another year?!…that tells us! fans!..that the yorks dont care and doesnt give a Sh*t!…

  6. I approve this message.



  8. I approve of this message and sign it enthusiastically. If there are any questions from 49er HQ just have them look in the mail they should have gotten my package with both my Rams tickets and plane ticket! I will no longer support this crap!!

  9. forty9erfan78 Says:

    yes i agree we need a offense minded coach and a new oc that we have heard of and for gods sake bring back our WCO, get out nolan before you get rid of all the fans

  10. jimmyflash2 Says:

    100% agree

  11. No way ! Nolan must stay, stay, stay, staying alive !

  12. being a die hard fan since 87′, i’ve experienced many highs and unfortunately many lows during the last few years. I’ve been patient enough and quite frankly…sick of it! We’ve been in “rebuilding” mode since the 95 season and changes need to happen NOW! It’s really sad how we have regressed since last year and Nolan is at fault in many areas. His stuborness and ego have brought this team down to a new low. Now there’s talk about Smith and Dilfer fighting for the number one spot again next year???? Are you kidding me??? And where is Jason Hill? We’re paying Lelie a couple million to sit on the bench? And why did we bring Tollner in to help after a 8 game slide instead of 4 or 5 in a row? Nolan doesn’t have a clue. I’ve always backed our coaches 100% but being in his 3rd year it has been getting worse. The man is not cut out to be a head coach. At least he has a back up job modeling suits for the Mens Wherehouse.

  13. MrAdrenaline Says:

    Nolan may someday turn out to be a decent coach somewhere, but he’s lost this team, and there’s no getting it back. Time for him to go. Get some fresh coaching blood in there to get the players excited again.

  14. good. ive noticed that certain “insider” bogs dont print anythng negative responses about Nolan or York. Guess they are pitifully surviving on his media scraps. Goodness , they think theyre going to get a job by kissing the behind of York? Its clear Nolan is way over is head. If Petersen does a Gayle Sayers thing to us, we can honestly state this is the worst team i’ve seen in 40 years of watching them. The reason isnt the lack of talent as much as they lack of improvement. How can a team still be unable to block slimple blitzes and the HC say its good. Is ther some kind of conspiracy in the NFL making them on the bottom 3 years in a row? This is caveman football, and is so far behind the rest of the league its pitiful. Since York “likes” the progress , it must deal with something else besides fiedl performance. It’s obvious he cares little for the fans or the team as long as he makes money. Well he will keep his cheapo HC/GM
    not pay the ruined Smith his bonus, and not have to dish out top 5 money for a draft choice. Well York if you keep Nolan the team will soon disintigrate as im quite sure the players are tired of his BS as well as the rest of us. You willno longer have fan support or team support and you will probably move the team. NO wonder your the most hated owner in california . IF were wrong prove it, get rid of the clown and bring in a real GM and HC!

  15. I think us fans for the most part have wanted to support Nolan. However, it seems that we have stayed the coarse to it’s end and a new coach with a new vision is needed for us to take the next step.

    Bring in Ron Wolf who can take care of the rest head coach and all !!!

    Let’s go NINERS

  16. Justblomekthanx Says:

    Nolan needs his ass fired asap. Bring Martyball to SF!

  17. strongnelson Says:

    at least Erickson knew something about football…. he was just bad at it. Nolan doesn’t know the first thing about coaching AND he’s bad at it. It was evident in his first season all those bonehead plays and miscommunication timeouts. Now the players have just given up.

  18. Hell YEA! Get this incompetent, clueless, gutless, egomaniac as far away from our team as humanly possible! I can’t stomach him for another second, let alone another season. He is the worst coach in the NFL and the rest of the league will be laughing at us come draft day when we pick 31(the Colts pick) while the 19-0 Patriots pick in the top 5. Who the hell do the Yorks think they are giving us a little known DC from Baltimore that once had to beg for a job, and giving him ALL the authority in the world. He has more power than Holmgren, Belichick, Billick, and Shannahan who all have rings. That undeserved power has went to this morons head, hence the silly suits and George Bush/O.J.Simpson like press conferences. No one has any reason to keep this idiot other than some silly “Rollin” slogan that they want to keep. I don’t care if he goes somewhere eles and becomes Belichick, I can’t stand him here. He does’nt give a damn about the 49er traditon of DeBartolo/Walsh, hes beholdent to his dads 49er era. He thinks this job is a vehicle to avenge his dads firing and validate his dads way of doing things. Thats why he was a perfect fit for the Yorks, who also hate everything DeBartolo/Walsh. Plus he came cheap, anothor York staple. I can’t take another season of suggestion cards, advice from another teams coordinator on who to play, maniacal stubborness, “we have good charactor”, “we will continue to fight”, “we will continue to work hard”. Thank God for this site and lets hit the Yorks hard in the wallet(don’t go to the games) which is the only thing that will get their attention.

  19. Pissed off 9ers fan Says:

    Thank God for this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but you can call the 49ers headquarters at 1408-562-4949 let them know what we want!!!!!!! If enough fans call day in and day out (I call everyday) and tell them we want Mike Nolan FIRED! Maybe one day we can actually have a hand in this happening!

  20. Pissed off 9ers fan Says:

    People who I want to replace Nolan in order:

    Mike Holmgren
    Mike Shanahan
    Garrett (OC in Dal don’t laugh 1st year OC I think would be a great HC)
    Romeo Crenell (spelling?) (underpaid offer him a big time $ deal to come over)
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Parcells (I don’t really want this guy but he is def way better than Nolan)

  21. Pissed off 9ers fan Says:

    for what it’s worth though i do think Nolan has some value to the organization…wouldn’t mind seeing him stick around in the front office or something….not with alot of control though maybe assistant GM or something.

  22. LOL… someone actually took to the time to set this website up… wow. Sorry to burst your “bubble” but Nolan isn’t going anywhere soon. So might as well get used to him being around. Just go with it, it’s no use complaining. You have no choice if you still want to be a 49er fan.

  23. dude nolan is a horrible coach, he has no idea of game management and is so conservative. he simply does not get the best effort out of the players. sad to say but nolan is living off his fathers name. its time to get ride of him and start over with a proven coach who knows how to get the job done. alex smith sucks too.

  24. Take your suit and “look good” on someone else’s sidelines, No-Win!

  25. Ninerscluebat Says:

    Yes, fire Nolan yesterday. I was on board until this season. I supported this fool through a horrid first season and all last year, despite his -by then- obvious game mismanagement. This years wins did it for me. He has no clue on offense and I do not care that he was left high and dry by Turner. He is not only a bad game day coach he is a bad practice coach. Look at the failures on the field, they are a result of bad practices.
    Get this joke of a coach off the Niner’s field. The fans deserve Niner football, not the crap we have been subjected to in recent years.

  26. Why stop here!! Create another site YORK_SELL_49ers.com!! The team has been in a downward spiral since the Yorks took ownership!! They have no idea how to manage a football team.

  27. Al Wharton Says:

    Nolan must go ! thanks guys for putting up a good website ! worth browsing ! Nolan is a DC not a HC knows nothing about managing the game, picking a staff and pick a QB. He said Last year in 06 that he wants a QB the Manages the game, Not win it ! there you go folks that our HC ! Won’t fire Hoss, who is the worst OC in the History on the NFL with the talent he has ! He has the leading NFC runner from Last year and don’t utilize him.

    Fire NOwinNOLan

  28. AB83Rules Says:

    Please, if we fire Nolan than McCloughan deserves to be fired, he helped build the team, and they arent performing, thus he is at fault as well.

  29. dogshit nolan Says:

    I hate that asshole. he has ruinned our proud franchise. he should be lead out to the 50 yd line and stoned to death.

  30. u guys in sf should bring vanilla ice cream to the field and throw it at that asshole and ruin his suit. hostler needs to be eliminated as well.

  31. i hate kevan barlow but he was right nolan is a nazi trying to be a gm and a coach. slow down nolan ur not a gm, and ur not a coach. ELIMINATE Him!

  32. nolan had his chance we spent money this offseason got alot of defense and our team looked great on paper. he is not a creative coach very dull and paly it safe, do not put a loser offenisve cord in with this team go get someone with experince FIRE NOLAN AND HE CAN CARPOOL AWAY WITH HOSLEKTLER WHATEVER HIS NAME IS

  33. I don’t think that Nolan will be fired at the conclusion of the season. I think that he will be given at least one more season as HC. Denise York has hinted at the fact that Nolan will be stripped of his GM powers going into 2008. The regression can’t be attributed to one guy. Norv Turner left the team at a bad time because Nolan did try to interview other OC’s and/or potential OC’s from around the league and was denied due to the proximity of the start of the 2007 season. I agree with some of the points made in this forum as I too am angered over the way that this season has turned out, exacerbated by the fact that I live in Massachusetts and have to listen to Cheatriot fans all day long. I just don’t believe that the guy will be fired - - even if we finish 3-13.

    I liken our situation to that of the Seahawks when Mike Holmgren was stripped of his GM authority - - the team went to the SB one or two seasons after that occured. With the hiring of an OC that can put Smith (another guy that isn’t going anywhere) into an offense that maximizes his strengths and get him receivers that can actually do what they are paid to do (catch the football), I think that we will be fine going into 2008. The wonderful thing about the NFL is that a team can go from rags to riches relatively quickly - - remember the 2001 Panthers that went 1-15 (with 15 straight losses) almost beat the New England Photographers in the SB in 2003. Anything is possible.

  34. You had my vote after we lost to the Rams and the Falcons. If you can’t beat these shitty teams, you should not be coaching. he has turned on his players and refuses to change when that is the problem, “we need to change.” Changing coaches after the season is the frist step and going back to the promise land, the playoffs

  35. RW that is not true, Nolan did not interview anyone outside of his coaching staff for the OC position. It was either Hostler, or the TE coach. Nolan is a moron for not looking for better help. We have better talent than we did the past couple of years and we still can’t win. That is bad coaching, and Trent Dilfer starting. What have we got to lose this season see what the kid Olson or Hill could do, Im sick of this 36 yr old asshole Dilfer blowing games. you guys act like he is a god, he one a super bowl becasue of great defense i could have qb for the ravens. Alex Smith is a horrible QB we need to draft one this year.

  36. Nick-
    Please review the attached quote from Matt Barrows’ blog (dated 11/21/2007) at SacBee.com:

    “But Nolan also has been unlucky. Who would have thought that a team as bad as the 49ers have been in recent years would lose not one, but two offensive coordinators to head coaching jobs? Nolan had the additional burden of trying to replace Norv Turner late in the season. He couldn’t lure any big-name outside candidates (Ken Zampese) in at that point and had to rely on an in-house candidate with no experience at the position.”

    “Nolan said he tried to hire Tollner in 2005 but that he had already committed to Steve Mariucci’s staff in Detroit. Nolan had already hired Mike McCarthy as offensive coordinator when he approached Tollner.”

    Like I initially said, the guy did try to hire others outside of the organization with experience but other teams wouldn’t allow them to be interviewed by Nolan.

  37. He must be sacked because he has took a good squad and made it worst. He does not adapt to whats in front and I don’t think that there should be a 49ers coach from now and to the day the franchise dies that should think that “survival” as an offensive mantra.

  38. I don’t want to come across as the lone Nolan defender here as I disagree with some of the things that he’s done during his tenure but all of the blame for the season cannot be blamed on one person. He’s made some mistakes and I agree with Mrs. York in the fact that we should bring in a seasoned GM and/or promote Scot McCloughan into that role. As a first-time HC, his focus should be on preparing the team to play every Sunday. Despite our record, I have seen improvement since 2004 when we went 2-14. About 50% of the guys that Nolan inherited should not have been in the NFL, much less starting.

    We were hamstrung by the salary cap and purged a tremendous amount of talent in one year (J. Garcia, T. Owens, G. Hearst, R. Stone, etc) and had to basically be rebuilt from nothing. I say that he gets one more year to show progress and if nothing positive happens after the ‘08-’09 season, he will be canned.

  39. Nolan needs to go. It was one thing if he actually had a winning record in his first or second year, and this year was just a setback. But we’ve never been that good with mike nolan. Time and again good coaches have rebuilt teams quickly in the salary cap era where parity rules. There is no excuse for not being able to win 8 games in the nfc for 3 years. The guy’s a joke, and his supporters know nothing about football or have their heads buried in the sand. Or in some of the beat writers case like maiocco and barrows, they have their heads buried up nolan’s ass. Those guys are pathetic.

  40. Nolan has to go Now!!!!!!!!! He’s ruining a great franchise. Bill Walsh is Going crazy in his coffin. (God rest his soul) Shame on the Yorks for hiring such a degenerate to coach this great franchise.

  41. I don’t get it. How is everyone not calling for Nolan’s head? He is going to end this season 3-13 after spending over $100 million in the offseason to turn this into a playoff team. I am from NY and if this was the Giants or the Jets there would not be a day that goes by that a headline did not read FIRE NOLAN. What is wrong with the SF media? Has everyone out there just excepted mediocrity? Why is everyone scared to say the obvious that Mike Nolan is a decent judge of talent but is completely inept when it comes to coaching that talent? Why is everyone sacred to say that Mike Nolan makes the worst football decisions week in and week out for the last three seasons? See every time he went for it on 4 and long and then didn’t go for it on fourth and short. Why is everyone scared to ask Mike Nolan why his team is always so heavily penalized? I have never seen a team false start or illegal procedure more then the 49ers have since Nolan took over. Nolan is a nice guy who did a decent job bringing in decent talent which a good team can be built off but now we need an experienced coach teach these kids how to win. How to practice like champions and make that translate into playing like champions. Let me be the first person to say Fire Nolan and bring in Marty Ball!!!!!!!!!!! But even if its not Marty please do not make us loyal faithful fans endure another season under Mike Nowin Nolan.

  42. Nolan has to go even though he did a good job in ponting the team in the right direction in his first 2 seasons, and no we don’t need an offensive minded coach we need one that knows offense and defense so if one of the coordinators sucks he just can take over and make some calls.

  43. Seriously, I don’t understand why you guys think a different coach could have done any better with this team. We have a terrible offensive line, the worst wr’s in the league, a sub par qb(A. Smith) who got injured and was replaced with an awful qb(Dilfer), and an overrated defense.

    Teams know that all they have to do is stop F. Gore (which hasn’t been hard this year) and they have the game locked up. Nolan does deserve some of the blame since he created the offense but for him to be fired right after the season isn’t the answer.

    He is on the hot seat but some of these knee jerk fans have to understand that a new coach next year isn’t going to magically turn things around and will only add to the continuing instability of the franchise.

    Nolan should be given at least one more year after this.


    He will be back next year, with a much better OC, mabye OL coach, a slightly improved roster (FA/Draft), he will have Manny Lawson back (the key to his 3-4 defense) Alex Smith will be healthy with competition behind him and will have no more excuses (and I believe he will do well), we will have a LT that is consistant and stays healthy (Staley), a MLB that will only get better and will lead the defense, and Frank Gore who will go back to getting around 25 touches a game and will become the backfield recicver he was a year ago.

    He will come back and have sucsess and bring us to the playoffs and all those that jumped off the bandwagon will jump back on and the Nolan haters will be rollin’ (and most will never admitt they were wrong) and we will have a mostly happy forum.

    The 49ers will have a bright future with one of the youngest teams in the league (I’m thinkin we only have Dilfer, BY, Walt Harris, Stickland, Nedney, Roman, small Michael Lewis, Marques Douglas, Derrick Smith, Ulbrich who are 30, 3 of which could be gone next year) and will have many happy year under Nolan, who will at least live out his contract.

    This website that you have given the link to will wither away.

    Even if this doesn’t happen, and the 49ers future doesn’t have Nolan in it or it does but not with as favorable resluts, it remains true that Nolan has assembled tons of young tallent for the next coach to enharett.

  45. This site is rediculas I mean come on lets look at Nolans stay here in San Francisco:

    He came in and we are 2-14 ok the next season I dont expect to b 15-1 but I expected an Imporvment which happened we were 4-12 we impproved right not bad with a rookie QB. Next year i expect to improve from 4-12 i was thinking maybe give the NFC West a little run, Which he did we improved and our record was 7-9. Know at the begining of this year we all expected to be conteders i was thinking 10-6 at very best which isnt going to happen this season. We have a lot of injuries a horrible OC which Nolan relized and hired an assiastant for him (great move on Nolan) and a lot of other distractions with deaths and what not. So are you guys tell me that 1 hickup in Nolans coaching Career in San Fran and you want him out?!?!? Come on you have to look at it the way I just expained.

    I’m not saying he is a perfect coach, he had made some bone head moves like signing a guy for 80mil. when you could have sign about 2 or 3 desent guys and the 4th down calls, but He is a good fit in SF and he should stay.

  46. Nolan brought stability to this organization, but beyond that, there is no way he will lead us to a superbowl…..fire him, and bring in veteran coach who will take the core group of players we have to the next level….

  47. 949ersrule Says:


    Some of you guys have turned sooooo soft on us. You act like cardinals fans, giving Nolan WAY too much credit for “staying the course”, saying he did a lot after inheriting a 2-14 team. Give me a frigin break! The guy has 6 FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS IN 3 YRS!!!!!! that’s more than 1/4 of a whole starting squad, and he leads us to what? 4-12 where we beat the texans the last day of the season to lose out on bush..you know they were trying to lose that one. The 7-9 team from last year actually won 7 games because people believed in Turner’s offense and we play in the worst division in football. This year, we are 3 bone-head plays from being 0-12!!! And we play in the weakest division in football. NOLAN NEEDS TO BE FIRED because he lacks the very thing that makes a coach great HE DOES NOT MAKE ADJUSTMENTS! Hard work does not solve problems, smart work does! Listen to his conferences, he will not fix a problem, that’s why we still have them. If it wasn’t for tollner we’d be 2-10. Ugh!

  48. Sons of Walsh Says:

    JR….you say this:

    Seriously, I don’t understand why you guys think a different coach could have done any better with this team.

    Do you realize that the 49ers have better talent than the Titans and look what Jeff Fisher has done with that team. And they are in the AFC. I’m sure there are plenty of coaches out there that could have 3-4 more wins than what Nolan has this season.

  49. Giving the NE Patriots our #1 draft choice (#2 overall) in next years draft was a FREAKING DISASTER. Nolan has no business coaching a high school football team, let alone in the NFL. Nolan, BE GONE!

  50. joeMontana16 Says:

    Get rid of this politician. He would be better suited in Washington DC than a coach of any team.

  51. Khalilgani Says:

    The worst 49er team of all time!!!!!!
    The worst head coach of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The worst owner of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Khalilgani Says:

    Mike Nolan is a worse coach then Rick Kotite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Ninerscluebat Says:

    Give me a break. A hickup you say. A HICKUP!!!! Are you serious? We are in our third sraight losing season with teh man, with only two wins by more than a touchdown. Add to that the obvious lack of coaching during the week. When a team has Consistent breakdowns on both sides of the ball they are not Practicing well. He is Not a good coach. Period. End of story.
    FIRE NOLAN!!!!!

  54. Hellbound49 Says:

    You got my vote this clown has plenty of time to show something yet things are instead progressivly getting worse.

    Out with Nolan, Hostler, Dilfer, and D Jackson
    see ya

  55. Forty9erfan86 Says:

    Great to see a lot of nolan haters out there. Nolan must go…he has made us look like crap for 3 years now and i am tired of it. He says the same thing everytime and doesnt change a damn thing until its too late. “stay the course” ” we just are’nt executing” SHUT UP NOLAN ! Its the same crap everytime…you wanna know what the real problem is…your gamplans are horrible. This offense that you brought to SF is not what the fans want…we dont want the ravens II…we want an explosive offense…we want a defense that can shut down teams…we want to destroy teams. None of this playing not to lose gamplanning…thats loser talk…thats what losers do…i want a team thats not scared to take risks…I want that team that can scare other teams.

    fire nolan ASAP.

  56. You can ad Oregon to that list of states that want Nolan gone.

  57. We spent money on free agents this year big time, and we have regressed. That is bad coaching, and bad play calling the reason we lost game.

  58. Nuck Folan Says:

    He admits to having better player and a worse record. Only reason for this is problems on the coaching staff. Failure to correct or identify the problems indicate that Nolan needs to go…

  59. Eugene Morris Says:

    It is painful to watch the niners. I have been a fan over 4 decades. It sadden me to see our team in this condition. Nolan must Go!!! Go Now!! Please Go!!!

  60. nolan shoud stay. i think some of the “rollers” like looking at him, so dress him up with some pom poms and let him stand on the sideline. Maybe he can convince the grounds crew his offense is “good”

  61. JAson ryan Says:

    All I want to say it that; He is not a coach. He dosent know how to manage his players and his team.

  62. Mike Nolan Says:

    Nolan Rules

  63. Nolanhater Says:

    I hate Mike Nolan with a passion. I have been a die hard niner fan for 20 years now, I can now say that Iam not a fan of this organazation, owner, head coaches and team. This team stands for nothing of what I fell in love with 20 years ago. This organaztion is one of the worst in the league and firing Mike Nolan will provide a small change, but it will take years before this organaztion can turn around.

  64. All I got 2 say is his new nickname is NOL’CAN’T!

  65. go Niners Says:

    This is dumb.

  66. As a long time fan, I say it’s time to Fire Nolan.

    He’s made too many mistakes.

  67. Nolan and the whole coaching staff must go. The Talent is there but the coaching isn’t. We have the talent people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just not the right coaching.

  68. section45 Says:

    FIRE NOLAN— Has no game management skills, more concerned about his image than his record. Who ever strokes him the right way gets to play like example T.Dilfer, D. Smith….etc. His players lacks on fiel team discipline, just because his players don’t talk smack about him in the media doesn’t mean he has the trust of the players. He is a looser who got credit for Ray Lewis’s skills. Sick of paying all this money for season tickets having to get bashed on by opponents fans in our home field. BRING MARTY –HE KNOWS DISCIPLINE and FOOTBALL and HE DOESN’T CARE WHAT HE WARES ON SIDELINES.

  69. jimmyflash2 Says:

    Nolan has shown he’s pretty good bringing in talent(although it could be Scotty M. and not Nolan). But he’s terrible at game planning and management. He starts the wrong players then waits too late into the season to start putting in players that can help, like B. Moore. Baas. and Lelie. He plays favorites. When Manny went down for the year instead of bringing in another LB like R. Green who was probably our best pass rusher last year, he brings in Zack Keasy a FB that he had a hard on for. Ya smart move Nolan. He finally brings back Green and in what two games he already has more sacks then Tully Bag-O-Shit. He make terrible decision during the game. He wastes time outs, he goes for it on fourth down when we shouldn’t and then doesn’t when we should. He kicks a field goal down by 7 instead of going for it on 4th with less than 2 mins left. What kind of fucking dumb shit call is that?! You still have to try and get the ball back and score a td anyways but with worse field position and less time, fucking brilliant. What probably bugs fans the most is the bs that comes out his mouth at the end of games. He doesn’t admit when shit hits the fan, he backs the OC and play calling even though we all know its crap. Nolan is a good guy and all but he will not take this team far. We need to fire him at the end of year.

  70. d'accardo42 Says:

    Fire Nolan. Is he George W.s’ long lost broother. They are both clueless, they sound the same way when they talk. And they even look kinda similar.

  71. NolanLover Says:

    Fire his ass.

  72. Mike Nolan is Dennis Erickson in a suit.

  73. Mike Nolan never has an answer for why the offensive is the laughingstock of the league (Again!) and his defenses aren’t that special either. Denise York playing hopscotch with athlete’s lives, her effite Pillsbury Doughboy husband holding her hand and stomping on the hearts of working class 49er fans from long distance in Youngstown Ohio. The silk ribbon on his Buster Brown suit flopping in the breeze, the silver spoon in his other hand, which he was born with. Meanwhile Eddie the Mall burns silently wanting to take the helm again.

  74. Can you imagine on the darkest day of the golden years, with Montana and Bill Walsh, like losing to the Vikings in the first round of the play offs; can you imagine the degraded spirits we now have with
    the Dennis Ericksons and the Mike Nolans of the world dirty-ing the
    legacy of great offensive teams of the past? Their grubby little hands and small minds all over what was formerly a purring well tuned ass kicking machine? Mike Nolan keeping an injured Alex Smith in the second Seattle game this year even when he was so hurt and diming the prospects of a future career, because Nolan didn’t have an answer. Alex Smith whom Nolan injured in the first place the first time the Niners played the Seahawks this year and a nose tackle came unblocked because Nolan’s coaching midgets could coach the offensive line.

  75. Steve Marriuci used to win 12 games a year, but DOCTOR John York had to fire him for not winning a play off game in which the Niners were clearly outmatched against the Bucs. Bumblefuck Nolan is light years away from being a play off coach. We have to sit through another year of failure, and having the league laugh at a team notches below all other teams becaue York doesn’t want to go to the trouble of finding a replacement. He’s happy with the structure Nolan has built. John York is happy–I’m pissed as Hell.

  76. forty9erfan86 Says:

    nolan lost another game for us…woo who ! He is the best coach ever…this guy should be the coach of the year ! He really knows what he is doing. He doesnt look lost at all…his gameplan is pure genius…we are so lucky to have him as our coach here in SF.

  77. That’s 1 more vote here. I would love to know what the Yorks are thinking giving Nolan as much power as they have. Nolan not only the Head Coach nut aslo the GM! Wow, If Mike Holgrem couldn’t handle doing that what makes you think and unproven coach in Nolan should be able to handle.

    Hey John & Denise FYI,

    We are tired of losing and Nolan is not the answer! Fire him or your going to lose your season ticket holders

  78. YES it is overdue…he has conducted himself not in a way that is conducive to a winning 49ers franchise.

  79. Bigsteviej Says:

    We have been season ticketholders for the past 18 years. As soon as the season is over we will be writing a letter to the 49ers informing them that if they don’t fire Mike Nolan we will not be renewing our tickets.

  80. Why can’t Nolan do a ‘Petrino’ and just leave! Oh yeah, there’s not even a division III College out there that would be dumb enough hire him as their HC - yet The Yorks as seriously considering giving this guy another years as our GM and HC….unbelievable! (serenity now….serenity now!)

  81. It’s time for Nolan to go! I’m tired of hearing him campaign to keep is job every week while throwing his players under the buss. The 49ers need to bring an offensive minded coach, and a QB to compete with Alex Smith.

  82. Here is my take, Nolan is an idiot because he never gave Michael Robinson a shot to play QB. Robinson went to Penn State and went 10-1 with a win the bowl game. He played in a tougher division than Smith and had good numbers. But based on one run that Robinson had in college where he ran over a guy and basically ended his career, Nolan thinks he should be a running back. Nolan is a stupid idiot and a horrible judge of offensive talent! At least with Robinson you have a guy who could make such tremendous plays with his feet and a strong arm, and he’s obviously not frail like Alex. I say bring back Mooch!

  83. i’m wendell and i approved this message…

  84. you’ve got my vote. looking forward to 2009 beyond nolan

  85. RIKO F NOLAN Says:


  86. Thanks for launching this site. We stand united against the evil that is Mike Nolan!

  87. Black Baby Says:

    Dump this piece of shit Nolan already!!!

  88. People are still posting on this site? LOL. Get over it people, Nolan is staying. Enjoy the ride.

  89. whatever happened to dumpyork.com? i LOVED that site. now its been overrun by porn. don’t let it happen to this site. as far as nolan is concerned i was all for him when he was first hired now i want him gone. on the other hand how come you people let york off the hook? he hired the guy in the first place.

  90. SeVen, sorry buddy, but Nolan isn’t staying for long. I’m watching the game right now, and the Niners don’t look improved at all. Same ol’ sorry ass Niners. Nolan is gone after this year. Period. End of story. I’m sick of the losing, God damn it!

  91. Three turnovers by O’Sullivan today. Nice. Here we go again.

  92. Fire Nolan now, hire Martz as Head Coach, salvage 8-8. PLEASE! The players do not play for this guy…never have. Martz knows how to handle a football team. Give him the reigns and we’ll be fine this season. We have talent, just nobody to make it work.

  93. All of you people who are happy that the Niners didn’t fire Nolan look like a bunch of stupid jackasses. You know that, right? I’m sick of even seeing Nolan’s ugly face on the sideline. Every time that I see him, all I can think of is LOSING. That’s because the Niners have done nothing but lose since that idiot became the head coach. Fire him NOW!

  94. Good win for the Niners today over Seahawks’ scrubs. O’Sullivan has already proven that he’s a far better QB than Alex Smith. Had Smith started today’s game, they probably would have been shut out. The defense sucked for the most part though. Nolan has supposedly been repairing the Niners’ defense (at the expense of the offense) for his entire tenure, yet they still suck. Let’s also not forget that Nolan drafted Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. What an idiot!

  95. We need to get rid of JOHN YORK, not just NOLAN! FIRE NOLAN and RUN JOHN YORK OUT OF TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. How many votes does it take to get rid of this whole group I want Eddie back at least he would make this my fathers team again! oh! fire no win Nolan.

  97. prima facie Says:

    Cut your losses, can Mike Nolan and grab up Bill Cowher before it’s too late. If it isn’t too late already.

  98. We can’t get rid of York; he’s the owner. However, Nolan should be fired immediately if the Niners lose today, and they’re losing. Two coaches have already been fired midseason; why not a third? Nolan has been trying to fix this defense for four years, and it still stinks. Screw that bastard. He didn’t challenge a play that he should have, and he challenged a play that he shouldn’t have today. What an idiot!

  99. The Niners are now 2-4 and staring 2-5 right in the face as they have no chancel in hell next week against the Giants. The Niners are 18-36 in the Nolan era. Fire his ass NOW! We can’t take anymore of this shit.

  100. Dan (Madison, WI) Says:

    Nolan must go now! This guy should not be coaching high school football let alone an NFL team!

  101. This has got to be the worst coached 49er team i have ever seen. I am 42 years old and cannot remember a worse coach. I do not beleive it is the players fault. Look at arizona they have a coach that is in his second year and they beat the cowgirls today. This is unacceptable Nolan has his head up his ass. We will never be a winner with Nolan coaching this team. I am sick and tired of his excuses.

  102. Man, This guy is sucking the life out of me. You know, Nolan, I don’t give a rats ass about your stupid suit and how you are commemorating the coaches of the past. How’s this for commemorating them - Stop Sucking!!!! I have never heard so many damn excuses. You sound like a five year old who lit the house on fire. And York - Dude, act like a man and cut the cord for christ sake. This organization has turned into the biggest bunch of pencil pushing wusses ever. Get a REAL football guy in there.

  103. Fire Nolan, and bench J.T. NOW!

  104. According to many sources, Nolan’s going to be fired after the Seahawks game (win, lose, or draw). We Nolan haters are about to win.

  105. Horray! He’ GONE! Im gonna get some champagne and caviar immediatly….the best day of the year! I hope he wears a black suit to his press conference…..now we need to get rid of the Yorks

  106. Here’s a good indication of Nowins lack of intelligence….we block a punt with 1 sec left in the half, score is i believe 17-15….nowin kicks the extra point and we go into the half down 17-16…..WHY DIDN’T WE GO FOR 2?

  107. Frank, usually teams don’t go for two until the fourth quarter. Nolan was awful, but I can’t blame him in that situation.


  109. The worst chapter in Niners’ history has come to an end!

  110. Bench O’Sullivan. He can’t hang onto the f’ing ball!

  111. Put in Hill NOW, Singletary. We want Hill. We want Hill. We want Hill.

  112. Good for Mike Singletary! He benched O’Sullivan. Nolan would have left him in the game for sure.

  113. this website should now become “Hire Singletary.org “

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